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2:56 am - Sun 5/4/03


(This is not a real entry. Rather, this is me playing with my scanner, trying to figure out how to get things from my scanner onto my computer, and then into diaryland.) The above pictures are two different Halloween storytimes at Schuler Books (The first picture is with Iris Tuma, a regular at the storytimes; The second picture is with my friend Jane, who did both makeups). Have felt a noticeable dip in my mood, for various and sundry reasons, the main one being that I think it's going to be a little longer before I book a commercial (I'm still holding out hope for the Rugrats spot, though...). It might be "an honor to be nominated", but dammit, I'm ready to win that friggin' Oscar!!! Anyway, it's way later than I should be up, and I don't have time to do, as I referred to it, a "real entry". Just wanted to play with my new "toy" a little (It probably only took me an hour to figure out how to do this, too). (Have to warn you; Till I get tired of messing with this scanner, be prepared for lots of pictures from Jim's shady past...)


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