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2:08 pm - Tuesday, May. 06, 2003
Letter to M & J

Letter To Mark and Jane
(This was actually supposed to start with another picture, but it didn't scan for some reason.) Well, it's actually time for me to get ready for work--Today's my Friday--so I'm going to cheat and copy the letter I wrote M & J (To accompany a check I sent out to them).

I'll probably write more when I get home from work this evening--I'm feeling pretty "chatty"--but now, it's time for

A Letter To Mark & Jane

Hey Folks!

Recently got my federal tax refund back, so I thought before I blew it all on candy and gum (Or more likely, hookers and beer), I'd make sure you got a chunk. I apologize for it not being a more sizable chunk, but I know you understand; Unlike you good folks, the credit cards people want me to pay them for borrowing money...those bastards!

Not much news to report from here...Had my "Reading by 9" session earlier this morning. Last week, I was pretty discouraged–I ran short, yet still lost their attention before the end–but today was fun. I went back to the Robert Munsch well, and we all seemed to have a really good time (Afterwards, I thought to myself that buying the hardcover Munsch collections–He has 4 at this point–might be a good investment for me, in the event I do more of this storytime stuff in the future). I also had some stickers to give them, which they got a big kick out of (Last week, the two girls were out sick, but this week I had all five of them–Valerie, Anne, Harons, Nelson, and Devon).

Not getting off to quite as quick a start this month, in terms of commercial auditions–nothing so far-- but the month is young. And even though the "window" does seem to be ever-so-slowly closing, I haven't completely given up hope on the Rugrats thing (But by the same token, I know that's not the only fun commercial I'm ever going to be up for, so if not that one, something else will come along. I just have to be patient, and believe).

A big "issue" for me continues to be just getting the opportunity to audition for things, other than commercials. It seems the only avenue for me in that department are the notices in Backstage West--which are mostly for low-budget, no-budget, and student films-- and lately, even that isn't getting me anything. I'm frustrated about that, because I firmly believe that, given the opportunity, I could get jobs. But I guess as long as I know that, it's just a matter of not giving up on trying to get the opportunities.

I've gotten a good response to the scanned pictures in Diaryland. I have a lot of space left for more pictures at this point, but I'm already thinking I may have to upgrade to "Supergold" membership, in order to have more space for pictures and stuff.

After a good week and a half of junk-food abstinence, I have fallen off the wagon, big-time.

I realized this truly is an addiction when I thought about everything junk food "does" for me–It tastes good, it gives me something to do, it's "self-medicating" (The fat and sugar are both comforting and energizing, an issue when you feel tired and cranky much of the time)–and how it's both something to do when I feel good(To "celebrate"), or when I feel bad (To "console myself"). It manages the neat trick of being reward and punishment at the same time; Reward in the short term, punishment in the long term.

In short, this is gonna be a tough one...

And I guess that's about it from here.

Oh, one more thing; Kathy B. wrote me recently, and she wants to meet up with me when I'm back in Lansing. Isn't that cool? I mean, I always liked her and thought she was a nice person, but thanks to Diaryland, I've actually made a brand new friend.

(Before I started this, I drafted a note to Brad E., who's doing the scheduling at work now, regarding my September plans. I don't expect there to be any issue, but I asked him if he could give me the official okey-dokey ASAP.)

Take care of yourself, you crazy kids!

Much love,



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