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3:59 pm - Sun 3/12/06
Matt Santos for President

Matt Santos For President
Where to start...?

Under the heading "Jim Gets Fun Stuff In The Mail", I recently received the "Circle Journal" that's been going between Carrie, Carolyn, and myself since June (And not just the journal; Carolyn also included some kitty treats for Kipper, and videotaped a PBS documentary on the life-and-death of legendary radio station CKLW, along with an episode of Project Runway, so I could see "Santino", one of the designer-hopefuls who Carolyn thought bore more than a passing resemblance to Yours Truly).

(And he does, too. Poor guy...)


Something I can look foreward to getting in the mail in the coming weeks are tapes of the new season of The Sopranos, courtesy of Mark and Jane.

There's been some media buzz about the show "taking on" the ratings juggernaut that is Desperate Housewives.

I'm glad I'll have the opportunity to see both, but if I were in a position where I had to choose, I would definitely be a Sopranos man. I'm one of the people who thinks Housewives has suffered in quality a bit in its second season, while The Sopranos has always struck me as one of those shows where, even when it's a little "off its game" it's better than pretty much anything else going.

And "Tony Soprano", for my money, is of tv's greatest creations, thanks to the one-two punch of David Chase's writing and James Gandolfini's performance. And in this final, "extended season", I'm dying to know how things will end for "T" and the gang; a couple seasons back, Tony said, "There's only two ways out for a guy like me--Dead, or in the can", and I'm curious if David Chase agrees with him.


The buzz died years ago for this show, but as The West Wing winds to a close with the election between Republican "Arnie Vinnick" (Alan Alda) and Democrat "Matt Santos" (Jimmy Smits), I'm once-again interested in seeing how things will turn out.

Before the writers knew the show was cancelled, it seemed clear things were headed toward a Santos win. But now, without the need to have the winner be the actor who will commit to a series, and with the tragic death of John Spencer (as Democratic vice-presidential candidate "Leo McGarry"), it would seem like all bets are off.

That said, it might sound stupid, but even in this made-up scenario, I want the Democrat to win; to have Alan Alda walking into the oval office at series end feels like it would be a repudiation of the "Bartlett administration", and I wouldn't like that.


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