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1:27 pm - Wednesday, Jun. 07, 2006
Jim's in the Hospital
Hey, Faithful Readers, this is NOT Jim, but Jane the surrogate blogger. Jim's in the hospital for -- he's not entirely not sure -- a possible intestinal problem and/or hernia that's interfering with his bladder -- AND some pneumonia...?! He went to the emergency room Tuesday the 6th, because of hernia-type pain, and running a fever, and they kept him. He's been on an I.V. since -- no food, lots of tests -- exploratory surgery today, Wednesday at 1:30 California time. Of course, he doesn't have any health insurance... Not sure what's happening on that -- but the doctors said it's "taken care of" for now (and he doesn't know exactly what that means either) He'll be there at least through Wednesday night. As I have been given "access" to add entries, I'll try to keep you as updated as I am.
Jim is at:
Saint Vincent Medical Center
2131 W 3rd St
Los Angeles,†CA†90057-1901
Phone:†(213) 484-7111


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