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10:52 pm - Thursday, Jun. 08, 2006
Successful surgery -- still in the hospital
We just talked to Jim, who is doing well after surgery yesterday. He had a bowel condition the surgeon and his partner had not seen in 30-some years of practice: part of his small intestine was "pouched out" (which is not that unusual) but it was also perforated and stuck to his bladder, which IS unusual and is why he was having bladder symptoms, too. Anyway, they removed a section of intestine, maybe 8 to 10 inches. Jim still can't eat and is on an I.V. He'll be in the hospital at least three more days.
He's been enrolled in a program called "Queenscare" a public charity for low income people in L.A. County. They are covering the surgery, and also have clinics that cover a variety of health issues on a sliding scale which will help with his health care in the future, too.
He is applying for Social Security disability which may get him some pay when he's off work for this operation. He's optimistic about still being able to cover the rent.
Since the surgery is over, prognosis is good, and some health/money concerns are looking up -- Jim says it almost feels like a "vacation" (despite the lack of food and a certain amount of pain...) Which just goes to show you, there can be "good" in the most unexpected situations.
He appreciates all your "comments" which I read to him, and would also appreciate calls, as he's a little bored, and frustrated by watching all the FOOD commercials on TV when he can't eat yet! You can just call the hospital number (213) 484-7111 and then dial "7" and his room number "706."


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