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11:31 pm - Tues 3.17.2009
What's My @#!! PROBLEM?

What's My @#!! Problem?

Thanks to a generous donation from Margaret C., the long-awaited Cold Stone money, and a residual check from the AT&T commercial, I've recently gone from "The rent's paid this month, and I can probably cover next month, but after that...", to "Barring unforeseen circumstances, I'm good for the next four or five months".

And in yesterday's mail, I got my food stamp card (With benefits retroactive - is that the right word? Or do I mean "pro-rated"? - to the date I applied).

And WW keeps perking along; It's never going to turn into more than what it is - a low-paying part-time job - but with the return of my second meeting on Friday, an early meeting on Saturday (filling in for the regular person), and this past Sunday's two-hour staff meeting, they'll be a decent "bump" in my next paycheck.

This is all good stuff - Particularly when you consider how my thoughts, for months now, have been dominated by matters financial.

But somehow, I'm not feeling the relief I'd hoped for.


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