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2:44 pm - Sun 5/6/07
$10,000,000 From Now

$10,000,000 From Now

Saw Spiderman III this past Wednesday (There was a special screening for ArcLight crew and Decurion employees, Decurion being ArcLight's "parent company").

I had a similar experience, watching it, as I did when I saw Superman Returns last summer--While I thought it was very flawed, and there was a lot I wish they'd done differently, I enjoyed it nevertheless (Though less the the previous two films).

(My main "issue" with the movie? The multiple villains--It made the story choppy and thin. When you load an action movie with that many bad guys, not only are none of them very well served, you end up short-changing your hero as well.)

So anyway, I'd give it a solid "B-".

The movie I've seen recently that I really loved was Waitress, starring Kerri Russell (And written, directed, and costarring Adrienne Shelley. Who, sadly, was murdered before the film was released, adding a poignancy to the movie you really wish it didn't have).

It's a breakout movie role for Russell (The movies have finally found their "next Julia Roberts", and she might even be-in my estimation-a better actress than the original). I've loved Russell since Felicity, she's wonderful in this role (As a pie-making artiste/waitress stuck in an abusive relationship, who at the start of our story, finds herself pregnant, and not at all happy about it), and the whole movie is just...well, it's just very loveable all-around. A sad, sweet little romantic-comedy fable (With the happiest closing shot I've seen in a movie in years).


On Monday, the cable people came by to install my DVR (I'd wanted it all along, but there was a waiting list when I first called).

Having been poor all my life, I'm always a generation or two behind the latest entertainment technology, so I didn't completely understand what a DVR was--I thought it was another piece of hardware they were going to connect to the cable-box, when it's actually more of a "cable-box plus" (They switched it out with the cable-box I had).

I was also not completely clear on why a DVR was better than a VCR (beyond a few obvious points), but now I know--On Thursday, while I was working, I was able to record Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy AND the NBC comedies...all at the same time.

And in my world, that is bliss (I hate having to choose which of my favorite shows I'm going to record when I'm not home).

I haven't thrown out my VCR yet, because, for one thing, Jane's still making me Sopranos tapes, and for two things, it still works. Besides, while I want to believe I'll always be able to afford this delightful new technology, I think I should have the VCR on hand "just in case".

While I just finished writing about the wonders of my new DVR, what's been even more "meaningful" to me is having high-speed Internet.

With cable, it just feels like my tv can do more of what it already does (Though the DVR does have that nifty feature of being able to pause "live" programming), but with high-speed Internet, it feels like I've got a new computer, the difference in performance is that profound.

I'm particularly loving the quick downloads, and the ability to watch "streaming" video. And not just for porn--though that's pretty cool, don't get me wrong (very cool)--but for
watching videos off YouTube, downloading music off Itunes, and catching tv shows I've missed, or just want to "sample", off the networks websites (I could see the latter feature becoming very handy when I start getting more tv auditions, if I'm called in for something I've never seen before).

In fact, I've already decided that, should the need arise to "cut back" once again, cable tv will go before the high-speed Internet.


The past week wasn't bad for auditions (Certainly better than the week before, when I had zero); on Wednesday, I had a last-minute audition for Weeds (Which was kind of a let-down, to be honest, considering how hungry I am for theatrical auditions), and on Thursday, I had two commercial auditions (The more interesting of which was a series of funny spots for Johnson Automotive, where I played an asshole car salesman in a badger suit. Because, you see, at Johnson Automotive, they don't "badger" you).

And tomorrow, the week is starting off right with an audition for National Treaure II, as "Tourist in Bathroom".

It's not even a speaking part, but it is apparently something more than an extra role (I'm just afraid it'll be something like "the bathroom blows up, and we see a blown-up tourist, pants down around his ankles, sitting on a toilet in the smoking ruins". But if so, that'll give me a chance to work out my "ego issues" as an actor).


This is the definition of "A day late and a dollar short", but I wanted to address a couple of comments made awhile back.

1. Beth, if you're still reading this--Yes, I am in one of the "Bahamavention" commercials ("Monte"). Are you in one of the other ones?

2. Gail, I thought of your comment recently ("What if Dennis Franz had worked out and gotten hair plugs...?") when a casting director at a workshop expressed the same idea this way--"Steve Buscemi probably got over not being a leading man 10 million dollars ago".

I'm eager to test that theory out.


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