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3:23 pm - Saturday, Jul. 09, 2005
Ten Minute Entry

Ten Minutes Entry

(I've got about ten minutes before I have to head off to work, but wanted to sneak in some sort of entry...)

Got my SAG card in the mail yesterday (In my initial "Welcome" package, all I had was a postcard-sized piece of paper with my name and SAG number on it. Not a lot of cachet there). When I went to work, it was all I could do not to buttonhole coworkers and customers alike and flash my card at them (As it was, I limited myself to about half-a-dozen, at least vaguely interested coworkers).

The orientation meeting--which was snack-free, if you were wondering--left me feeling a little downhearted afterwards.

I've know this for awhile, really, but it's still sobering--75% to 80% of actors in SAG don't make enough from acting to even qualify for benefits, while only about 3% are those people you read about in People or Entertainment Weekly (People who make $500,000 or more).

Scary (Particularly the benefit thing) because the other main thing I'll be doing for money--the Signing Agent stuff--is "independent contractor" stuff that doesn't come with health benefits either.

But I'll figure it out (Basically, I've decided that the best thing to do is just make enough as an actor to get those benefits, while on my way to joining the "$500,000+ a year" Club).

Kind of waiting to proceed on the Signing Agent stuff till I get my check from the last commercial gig--If possible, I'd like to find an "All-In-One", with a laser printer, for the $450-500 I'm going to be getting (If I can do that, that'll help me feel less bummed about how much I'm spending on this shit).

Well, I gots to go...


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