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2:40 pm - Thurs 5.02.2013

Not A Big, Concrete "Thing"...But A Nice Compliment Nevertheless

Having a hard time getting myself to do much of anything today, which is a problem I frequently have on Thursdays, when I don't have to leave for WW work till 4:30 (Or 5:00, if I decide to drive my lazy ass to work).

After an exciting couple of weeks in general, with lots of checks coming in and booking two gigs, anxious, unhappy thoughts are "nipping at my heels" again.

But as that was happening today - and was definitely part of the reason for my staggering lack of motivation - I got a nice voicemail from my agent, saying she had something to tell me she thought would "make my day".

When we connected, she told me she'd just gotten an email from Risa Bramon Garcia (sp?), the CD from the Showtime show Masters of Sex (the thing about sex researchers Masters and Johnson I auditioned for awhile back).

In the email, she said that she knew it was tough for actors to do great work in the audition room but not be cast, so she wanted us to know how much they like me, how I'm "on the list" (I think she actually referred to it as a "select list", or something along those lines), and she closed by saying something like, "I look forward to working with you as we figure this out".

In the context of this effusive, un-solicited email, I think that last line has to be read as "We really want Jim on the show" (Casting directors can make recommendations and "push" for a given actor, but they don't make the ultimate decision).

I was just thinking last night about how it would be best if I had no expectations, about anything...and this would be a good example; It's hard not to hear this and want some big, concrete thing to happen as a result.

But the fact is, there are so many variables involved here (In order for "some big, concrete thing to happen"), that it would really be for the best if I just saw this as a nice compliment.

Which I do.

This is the thing I want to have happen in the casting office; I want to make such a good impression it puts them "on my side".

This may or may not "lead to something"...but making enough of an impression on casting directors that they make a point of letting "my people" know I made a good impression on them?

If I can keep making that happen, it's bound to "lead to something" down the road.


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