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1:05 PM - Sun 7.05.15
It Appears I Am "On Hiatus"...

It Appears I am "On Hiatus"...
(Warning: This entry might contain adult language and themes.)

I re-read my last entry recently, and I thought it was interesting - I referred to "nothing going on" at one point, then in pretty much the next sentence, said, "I did have two auditions this past week".

Perspective is an interesting thing.

Well, nothing came of those two auditions - I had a callback for Sonic, but didn't book it, and I didn't even get a callback for the "pole dancer" thing (That was disappointing, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I just flat-out couldn't do it, and this is LA - If you can't do whatever-it-is, if you aren't whatever-it-is they want, they don't have to "settle". It's not the high-school musical).

Anyway, now it really is accurate to say that "nothing's going on", because, really and truly, nothing is going on, at least in the realm of auditions for paying work.

I got new head-shots recently. Didn't want to, because my friend Tim G. had just taken pictures of me not that long ago, and my commercial and theatrical agents were fine with them. So I didn't want to "waste the time and money" it would take on getting new ones done.

But my manager wasn't nuts about what I had. I found that frustrating - thinking to myself, "Seriously? Dozens upon dozens of pictures, and there's not a single one that 'works' for you?" - and was dragging my feet on doing anything about it, when my commercial agent sent out an email about a "Fathers Day Special" for a photo place on Melrose ($50 for two "looks").

So I made the appointment, got it done, and I have to say, the pictures do look good (At least considering the subject matter).

Are they going to make any difference?

Who fucking knows? I certainly hope so.

But I feel better knowing Brett has something he's happy with, that he feels he can sell me with.

And I regret "dragging my feet" on the matter - making sure my representation has everything they need to secure me auditions should be very high on my "To Do" list (Though, that said, the cheapskate in me is kind of happy I "dragged my feet" just long enough to get it done for a song).

And I was happy with the studio, and the photographer.

I loved that it was a studio, first off - The last three times I've done head-shots, it's been outdoors, and since I have the light sensitivity of a bat, it's always very uncomfortable (Not to mention it's difficult-next-to-impossible not to have distracting shit in the background, which is a big head-shot no-no).

And I both liked the photographer, and was pleased with his efficiency (My entire "turn-around time", from driving there to getting back home, was maybe an hour).

So anyway, that was a thing that happened.

Another "thing that happened" was re-signing with my theatrical agents (At Clear Talent Group).

Truth be told, after what felt like a quick start (Early on, they got me a raise for Shameless, and two movie auditions I was pretty excited about), I've been very disappointed about how little has happened for me theatrically in the year we've been together.

But they still want to represent me, which is encouraging - Beyond the whole "I like them, and they seem to like me" thing, I'm choosing to be encouraged by "the business aspect" of it (Meaning, they're in business to make money, so if they want to continue to work with me, it suggests they believe there's money to be made).

And who knows?

Those sexy new pictures I just took might be just the thing to turn this all around...


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