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11:20 pm - Weds 8.07.2013
First Runner-Up

First Runner-Up

Well, it's a mystery, it really is, but somehow I made enough of an impression Friday that I was this close to booking 2 Broke Girls.

Brett called late afternoon yesterday - while I was at ArcLight with Howard (Seeing Blue Jasmine for the 2nd time) - saying it was between me and another guy.

A couple hours later, he called back to tell me they'd went with the other guy - that bastard! - but that they liked me, were going to have me back in soon, etc. and so on.

That marks at least the third time I've been in for that show, so it's reasonable to assume they do like me and, based on how things seem to be going, that I'll book something there eventually.

(Working on that "Positive Thinking" stuff I've heard so much about...)

After getting the news, I was thinking about how often I'm in this position (As "1st Runner-Up"); I don't really have the stats - though I should - but it feels like I lose out in this scenario more often than not (As I just said on Facebook a short time ago, it makes me think that, when they call, I'm already in the #2 position, and they're not really "deciding" between the two of us as much as "covering their asses" should their first pick fall through).

But "losing out" is a more relative term than I would have imagined years back; I've been in the position, more than once, where I've gone in a number of times before finally booking a job - Castle,American Horror Story, and Shameless come to mind (Not to mention how many times the same commercial casting directors bring me in before I book something) - so let's say that, while it's never exactly fun to lose out on something (Particularly if the "something" in question is a "possible recurring"), I do at least have some "perspective" on the matter now.

This is reminding me of something I was talking about with Howard after getting the initial call...

Friday's auditions both involved bits where I only had a line, and while I sometimes get more to do at an audition, that's often all there is - A very brief bit, a line, that basically any actor with a pulse could do just as well as me.

So why am I "1st Runner Up" as often as I am?

If "anyone with a pulse" could do it just as well, why do I ever win?

Just "luck of the draw"? "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose"?

It's really tough to convince myself that "The better actor won out", win or lose, when there's little-to-no-acting involved.

And if it's a matter of "charisma" or "star power" or whatever - I win/show/place as often as I do because "there's just something about me" - how come I don't win/show/place more often?

Like I said at the start - It's a mystery.


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