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12:25 am - Sat 1.24.2009
The 2009 Audition Season Begins

The 2009 Audition Season Begins

After starting 2009 with three weeks of nothing, this is more like it - Had my first commercial audition of the year on Wednesday (A spot for Dairy Queen), and I have my first theatrical audition (A co-star on the new Nathan Fillion show Castle) on Monday.

Aside from going into the DQ audition having looked at the wrong spot - Ooops! - things went very well on Wednesday.

In the spot I was actually there to audition for, I answer the door to a Girl Scout selling cookies...but don't want any cookies, because I'm already enjoying a new Girl Scout Cookie Blizzard.

I had a lot of time to go over the spot in the lobby (They paired me up with my own "Girl Scout" - Hannah, who was pretty new to the audition game - and we went through it together a number of times), and we got to rehearse it a couple more times in the room before putting it on tape.

(They actually did a "round robin" thing, so I read off-camera for a very savvy African American girl, then Hannah read off-camera for my audition, then I left, and another "Doorbell Guy" read off-camera for Hannah.)

So anyway, unlike some audition situations, I felt I'd been given every opportunity to do well, and happily, I did; when the time came, the casting people were very pleased with what they got from me - both agreeing I was "on the money" on the first take - and I'll frankly be shocked if I don't get a callback next week.

The Castle audition on Monday pleases me on a number of levels - it's a comparatively rare theatrical audition, it's at Donna Rosenstein Casting (Where I booked the Book Of Inside Information infomercial with John Cleese), the show stars Nathan Fillion (Of Firefly and Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog fame) and my scene - as a hotel desk clerk - is with him and the female lead, and it's the first audition I've gotten through my Actors LA agents.

(I'd love a win - or two - to start 2009 off right, and there's no reason I can't book both these things, so cross your fingers...!)

The other big news is that I signed up for that beginning improv class at IO West, starting Mar 3rd, and running for eight weeks.

That's another reason I'd like to book something, so I can feel like "mighty forces" really are "coming to my aid", as I sign up for improv classes I can't really afford right now.

Finances aside, it's a pretty big deal - I haven't taken an acting class in probably 25 years, and I've never had improv training.

So once that magical bag of money falls out of the sky and into my lap, and I can relax about the expense, I expect this to be a very positive experience.

But speaking of money, it's gotten late, and I have a morning Weight Watchers meeting, so it's off to bed I go...


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