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2:00 pm - Sunday, Jul. 24, 2005
A Sunday \"2-Fer\"

A Sunday "2-Fer"

Sun 7/24/05 (12:51 a.m.)

Have to head off to the grocery store in a few minutes...

Left out a bunch of stuff in my last entry, in my enthusiasm for writing about the workshop yesterday morning (Which really was inspiring).

On Thursday, I went to Central Casting in Burbank, and signed up to be a union extra (I signed up with Cenex, their non-union arm, early after I first got here).

I was hoping Iíd just be able to switch from ďnon-unionĒ to ďunionĒ by showing them my SAG card, but now theyíve got a rule where you have to re-register every two years, or else pay a new $25 signup fee (For the record, I was last there sometime in Ď02, to update my photo).

The digital photo they took this time was terrible, emphasizing every feature--Namely, my asymetrical jaw and weak chin--that I donít want emphasized. I donít know why I didnít say anything about it, but itís bothered me ever since (To the point where Iím going to have to go back soon and have them re-do it).

(Whatís strange is that Iíve now had maybe 150 polaroids taken at auditions, so itís not like I donít know how to pose for a picture thatíll turn out decently. I need to keep my head level with the camera lens, a little forward of my body, and ever-so-slightly turned. But for whatever reason, I didnít do that. But anyway...)

On Thursday, I also started checking out places online that use Notary Signing Agents.
And almost immediately, I hit a snag: On one website, I was about to start the application process, when I saw they needed, amongst other things, a copy of your social security card.

And I donít have one (I donít think Iíve had an actual social security card since I was about twelve).

So on Friday, before work (And before my Genworth Financial callback. More on that in a minute), I went to the Social Security office on Wilshire, and applied for a new card, which I should be getting in the next week or two.

From there, I went to my callback, which was at The Casting Studios on LaBrea. Itís probably my favorite place to have auditions, because itís closeĖI can get there in 15 or 20 minutes on my bike--and itís also a pretty short distance from there to work.

My scheduled time was at 4:20.

Iíd called work the day before, talking to Tim G., to say that Iíd probably be late, though Iíd try to hit the audition early, and indeed, I got there an hour before my appointment time (Often, if you get there early, you can get in and out before youíre actually scheduled, since they basically just go down the sign-up sheet).

But sometimes, try as you might, things are just not going to go your wayĖI got there an hour early...and they were running an hour-and-a-half late.

So thatís another ďoccurrenceĒ for Jim at the bookstore. And Iím not sure, but that might be the one that gets me my first-ever written warning (Tim G. tried to fix it with the new office manager, but I donít know if thatís going to make any difference).

But looking on the bright side, now that Iím in the union, the fact that I waited over an hour past my appointment time means they have to pay me. Itís not a fortune, but itís more than I wouldíve made if Iíd gotten to work on time.

As for the audition itself, who knows? It was basically more of the same (As the first audition)ĖWe watched an imaginary tennis game, cheering or booing as indicated. Except this time there were more of us (Four actors at a time, instead of two), and more people in the room.

Normally, if you donít hear anything shortly after the callback, you didnít get the gig. But it was quarter-to-six when I left, and they were maybe a third of the way through the ďface in the crowdĒ actors, so Iím hoping they maybe held off making a decision till Monday.

And now, off I go for soda...


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