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5:01 PM - Thurs 12.15.22

37 Checks (Some Of Which Are Mine)
(In the interest of trying to speed up the time it takes me to write one of these, giving myself just under an hour to try and "get 'er done". Let's see what happens, shall we...?)

Well, between COVID and just the time of year, not much has been going on for Yours Truly.

The big bummer of COVID hasn't been being sick (Mostly because I haven't been all that sick. I've had colds that have felt worse). Instead, it's been that I couldn't do a callback - where apparently I was the front-runner for the role - or any subsequent auditions, for the better part of the last two weeks.

(Just writing that last paragraph makes me think, "Thank God for vaccines!". If I just had to get COVID, better now than in the early, pre-vaccine days, when getting it could have meant hospitalization, and even death - Getting COVID put a crimp in the acting stuff, but hospitalization and/or death would have been a lot more inconvenient in that regard.)

Had a PCR test this past Saturday, hoping I'd get the all-clear...but I did not - I was apparently still riddled with COVID.

But happily, the Health Department called a few days ago, wanting me to participate in a survey.

And during the course of that survey, I was informed that, from what I'd told them about the onset of symptoms, I didn't need to keep testing myself - As of Friday, I will have quarantined myself for ten days, so tomorrow I will be good to resume my normal activities, regardless.

It still stings a little to have missed out on that callback. But I spoke to my commercial agent today, and he suggested there might still be a little life left in 2022, which means I can hold on to some small hope of "sneaking in another 'win'" before the year's out.

He also had some more "concrete" good news...

It's been a while now since I did that KFC commercial - which is currently running - and to date, all I've gotten for it is one check for a single day of ADR (By now, I should have received a check for the shoot fee and two days of ADR).

But today Jon told me there'd been some snafu with the payroll company responsible and he just received something like 37 checks that had been long outstanding for various gigs his clients have booked.

(Including this client.)

So while he has to process said checks, very soon there will be a good chunk of money winging its way toward me - Not just the shoot fee and the second day of ADR, but a pretty substantial residual check.

Which as you might imagine, was very happy news - Even though I knew that money was coming at some point (Or at least some amount of money), it's still been pretty stressful having loads of money going out while precious little was coming in.

And as long as I'm sharing good news with you...

The other nice thing that's happened recently is I've qualified to receive health insurance for another year.

Like the commercial money, this was something that was basically a done deal - When I checked a couple weeks ago, I was less than $150 away from qualifying and I was certain I'd get there on residuals alone - but there's a big difference between assuming it's a "done deal" to having it be a done deal.

So these two things, and a good session with my therapist yesterday, have me in a better frame-of-mind than I've been in for a while.

Which seems as good a time to say "so long" as any.

TIll next time...



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