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10:17 pm - Thurs 9.08.2011
Todays Equation - Five Lines > Two Lines

Today's Equation: Five Lines > Two Lines

I let so much time lapse between entries now that before starting a new entry I have to read the previous entry, just to see "where I left off".

In any case, it's been an interesting period of time...

On Labor Day, I killed my car while driving to Santa Clarita to visit Cary and Kay (Was driving in 2nd and didn't realize it till too late). So my car has been in the shop for the past three days, to get a new engine (I was told it would be three days; tomorrow starts day #4 of The "Jim Has No Car Because He's A Big Dummy" Saga).

I was pretty unhappy about the whole thing, particularly that it was a self-inflicted financial setback, but I've been surprised how quickly I've (mostly) gotten over it; yes, it's regrettable that I'm an idiot, but it was a mistake, and mistakes get made (Sadly, sometimes those mistakes are really expensive). No one got hurt or killed, and as I said to Cary afterward, "This is what credit cards are for, right?".

So anyway, that was a thing that happened.

Having no car this week, I hoped that, if I got any auditions, that they would be conveniently nearby and I could ride my bike (Though it's been super hot-and-humid lately, so bike-riding to auditions has its hot-and-sweaty "down side").

And I had an audition yesterday that just fit that "convenient" bill, at a casting office maybe a mile or so away (Though Wednesday morning is a shitty day for me to have auditions, cause I work two Weight Watchers meetings in Santa Monica...and I'd told a coworker I could work her "open hours" shift beforehand so she could get her kids off on their first day of school - Ooops!).

Having that audition (for Body Of Proof), and having to work out getting fills for my meetings, would really have been enough for me that day.

But then I ended up getting another call, for an audition for Glee, at UDK, a casting office in Valley Village; it was originally scheduled at the same time as my Body Of Proof audition, but calls were made, and I was told I just had to get there before noon.

Long story short - if that ship hasn't already sailed - I got a ride to the Glee audition from Garet W., who I was in standup comedy class with (And who I'm Facebook friends with), and it felt like both auditions went pretty well.

(In acting terms, Body of Proof was, by far, the more exciting scene - three scenes as an ER doc - but what's more high-profile than Glee these days? So getting either would be good...though if I were a betting man, and I had to bet on which one I'm more likely to book, I'd say odds are on Glee, as one of three funeral directors.)

I have a commercial audition (for Miller Lite) tomorrow, which I'm very excited about, since commercial auditions have been a rare-and-precious thing these days.

It's at 11:30, at a casting place on Sunset I've been to any number of times before; I had a slight conflict with my Friday morning WW meeting, but called the Leader and asked for permission to jet at 11:15 (I've had to get "fills" for a lot of meetings lately, and didn't want to get a fill for this one if I didn't have to).

With my vehicular situation, and my chronic-and-ongoing struggle with "fiscal anxiety", it's hard to stay "detached from the outcome" of an all-too-rare commercial audition.

But the same things I've said/written about before still apply - It doesn't do any good to go in "needy and desperate" ("confident and happy" are probably better choices). Even if I "know" booking this spot would be the best possible thing that could happen, I really don't know that, so making this (Or any audition) "make or break" is...silly.


Got a shoot date for my next Shameless episode (Though no call time yet) - It's this Monday.

I've read the script, and the scene they told my people was just "two lines" is actually five lines.

That might sound petty on my part, to be "counting lines", but it's kinda not; after all, they're the ones who said, "We're not going to pay him what we paid last time, because he only has two lines".

I'm not a mathematician, but I know this much - five lines is not two lines.

But billing/money issues aside, it'a another nice little bit with Bill Macy, and I expect to have a lot of fun on Monday.

Beyond that?

The auditions will come. The bookings will come. The money will come.

I'll get the opportunities, and I'll come up a winner often enough that I'll make a living, and have an actual, honest-to-God acting career.

Mark my words...


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