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5:10 pm - Sat 2/9/08
Written In Five Minutes Flat

Written In Five Minutes Flat

As I often do, I've had all day to do this, but only feel the urge when I have no time.

I think it's a safety valve, that prevents me from getting frustrated over writing - there's no time - or maybe more to the point, that prevents me from saying perhaps more than I intend.


I have my seventh audition of the year Monday morning (A commercial for Orbit gum), and my third callback of the year (for he "herd of dentists" AT&T spot) that evening (A 6:30 callback. Very unusual).

So I'm both getting a good number of auditions, and doing well with them once I get them.

Which is good.

Now I need something to push things just a little over the top, to go from "close, but no cigar" to actually booking the gig.

In other good news, insurance approved my sleep study, so that's a "go" for Monday night (I'm concerned that the sleep study is set up for people who keep normal human hours, and not for a "creature of the night" like Yours Truly, but it is what it is. And I imagine that I'll sleep some, in any case).

I hope this time will be the charm, and one way or the other, I'll get the help I need to get the beauty sleep I've gone a lifetime without.

I jokingly said to Javier at a recent therapy session "I'm so cool now - smart, funny, what-have-you. What would I be alike if I were actually awake?".

But I wasn't joking. I'm really quite curious what life would be like, what I would be like, if I weren't dying for a nap at any given moment.

In other good news, I got a small Nip/Tuck-related check recently.

That makes about $850 I've gotten this year as a result of last year's jobs, which definitely helps.

Well, I guess that's it for now.

But tonite, once I get back from work, I'm going to write the entry I should have written earlier today.

Stay tuned.


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