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10:14 pm - Mon 4.09.2012
The $600 Word

The $600 Word

Watching Smash (One of those shows that isn't as good as I wish it was, but is just good enough that I keep hanging on. But anyway...)

Had my first colonoscopy today...

As advertised, the prep on Sunday was not much fun, but I got through it (Possible TMI: Really, by the time I got to "stage three" - the Miralax mixed with a 64 oz bottle of Gatorade - I'd already pretty much evacuated what there was to evacuate).

For me, at least as big a deal as the stuff I had to take was not being able to really eat for a day-and-a-half (I had chicken broth, and jello, and 7-up, and a lot of hard candy, but underestimated my needs, and was out of all of it (Except for the 7-Up and some apple juice) by early evening.

Had a pre-colonoscopy scare on Friday, when someone from the Hospital called asking some pre-admission questions, and told me that, after co-pays and deductibles, my portion of the bill would be $600.

Happily, changing that from $600 to $0 was as simple as them resubmitting the request to my insurance and changing one $600 word - Instead of "diagnostic", it needed to be called a "screening" colonoscopy (Which seems completely reasonable in my eyes - I'm 50 years old, and it would have been time for me to have one anyway, even if I hadn't gone into the Doctor first with an "issue").

I was, as you might imagine, very relieved to get that cleared up (Though I'm still stunned at one word potentially costing me hundreds of dollars. One word for what I think of that? Wrong).

Cary picked me up this morning shortly after 10, and drove me to the hospital in Burbank, hanging out with me till it was time to get things started (Using part of the time to show me his IPad, since I've been talking for awhile about "pulling the trigger" on a tablet at some point. And I've gotta say - It's pretty cool).

Before the procedure, I had to have an EKG and a blood test (Since the ones I had previously were too old).

I thought that was going to make things run a little late, but that didn't end up being the problem - I think the Doctor who was doing a procedure before mine was late, and then the anesthesiologist for my procedure didn't show.

I hadn't really understood why they needed to "put me under" anyway, so when they asked me if I "minded" if they just sedated me instead, I said fine ("So I'll be awake, but I just won't care, right?").

They told me the sedation would give me short-term amnesia...but I'm not sure what got lost, really.

(They told me afterward that the Doctor removed two polyps, which I don't remember. And if they were telling me anything while the procedure was going on, or if I asked any questions, I don't really remember that either.)

I hadn't expected to be watching the procedure, so I thought it would be kind of interesting, maybe promote some "sense of wonder" or something, about the "miracle of the human body".

But I don't know that it did. It just looked like...meat; instead of marveling at the amazing machine that is "the human body", it just made me feel momentarily weird that I had thoughts and feelings and opinions about things, when I'm really just a bag of stuff.


Other than the polyps, the colon apparently looked good (At least, that's what I remember someone saying).

Tues 4/10/12 (7:36 pm)


They sent me home with pamphlets on "polyps" and "diverticulosis".

The symptoms of "advanced" diverticulosis, as laid out by the pamphlet, are pretty much what I've been dealing with for awhile now.

So I'm not exactly sure "advanced diverticulosis" qualifies as a "good looking colon".

(I guess what they meant was that my colon didn't look like colons look in some advanced stage of cancer or what-have-you.)

So anyway, at least now I know what the deal is ("And knowing is half the battle!", to quote the old GI Joe cartoons).


(10:41 pm)

Moving past polyps and diverticulosis...

I've been getting reports on Facebook, for a week or two now, of Progressive commercial sightings on tv.

(And by "Progressive commercial sightings", I mean, of course, sightings of my Progressive commercial.)

This was pretty happy news, because it's been so long since I've seen any real money from it - my last check was at least a month ago, probably longer, for something like $80 - I'd assumed it was already played-out.

And I actually saw it myself on Sunday - twice (Once while watching Bones in syndication, then later while watching the last half of The Visitor on ION).

And Yesterday I got an email from Jon that a check had arrived at the office for "industrial use" (i.e. the commercial's been playing in front of movies as well).

In any case, it's a relief - There's no guarantees, of course, but I don't need a commercial to make me money forever (Though that would be nice); I just want it to help me stay afloat till the next thing happens.

Went to the movies with Howard today (Saw Raid: Redemption, which was a killer action movie).

At Starbucks afterward, I told him I needed to check my email, to see if I had any auditions (Even though Sharon and Brett almost always give me a head's-up phone call beforehand).

And right then, I got a call from Sharon - I had an audition for Glee tomorrow.

It's a very small costar part, which normally doesn't turn me on anymore...but it's as a janitor, and it's a school, so there's "recurring" potential (And while I personally have given up on Glee, I know lots of people still watch it, and I think, career-wise, I need to be on more things "lots of people" watch).

And on that note...

This is "an interesting time to be me" - I'm alternately concerned about the bowel issues, relieved about the commercial, and hopeful about tomorrow's audition (And the possibilities therein) - and instead of trying to define and contain all that "interesting-ness", I think I'm going to just let it be for now.


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