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10:12 pm - Tues 12.06.2011
Austin & Ally III

Austin & Ally III

Probably shouldn't be doing this - should be going over my lines instead (Starting work on my 3rd episode of Austin & Ally tomorrow) - but since I have spent some time on them already, I'm going to count this as "taking a break" (And the script's probably going to get re-written another time or two before we start shooting on Thursday anyway).

Austin & Ally had a "premiere" last week, before debuting in it's regular Sunday night time-slot, and I guess it did quite well (Second-highest numbers ever for a premiere episode on the Disney Channel).

The two episodes I've shot already ("Bloggers and Butterflies" and "Burglaries and Booby-traps") are listed as #5 and #8 on IMDB, but I don't know if they're going to air in that order or not, so I'll try to cross-reference some other sites (In case one or two of you still reading along - and not following me on Facebook - are interested).

I've known they wanted me back for another episode for maybe a month now, which is good in a way - nice to know there's another gig in the offing.

But it can be nerve-wracking in another way, particularly in this instance; first, I was "pinned" for last week, then for this week, then possibly for next week (Being "pinned" means the casting folks call my agent to say they want me for another episode, probably on such-and-such dates, so keep my schedule open, but there's no contract yet, and the dates are not set-in-stone).

It's a tough spot to be in as an actor - You don't want to audition for other things if you're not actually available, but you also don't want to sit on your hands and turn down auditions on the off chance you might not be available.

And sure enough, this caused a problem when I had a callback for a Chevy commercial on Friday; I told Jon, my commercial agent, what my situation was, I called Sharon, my theatrical agent, to ask her if she could try and get a firm date on when I was shooting "A&A", and after Jon suggested I audition for the commercial anyway, I told the person who was running the commercial callback session what the deal was, and he also said I should audition, and let them know as soon as I knew what my deal was.

So I auditioned - for what would have amounted to a well-paying extra job (They didn't want me for the thing I'd originally gone in for) - and it went well...but then I found out from Sharon that "A&A" was indeed shooting this week, which meant a likely conflict with the commercial shoot.

I told Jon, and he tried to communicate with the casting people, but couldn't get hold of them directly, because they were still doing the session.

So when they called Jon to say they wanted to put me on "avail", and he said I wasn't available because of "A&A" (And that he'd already tried to communicate with them to that effect)...well, they were not very happy with us.

I'm very unhappy with how all this played out, to be honest - I tried to be straight with everyone, without screwing myself over in the process, and it blew up in my face - and now I'm just hoping this hasn't fucked up my relationship with the casting agency in question (Which, till now, has been a big supporter of mine - they brought me in for my Progressive spot, for example).

I think my big frustration here is how impotent I felt every step of the way.

And of course, I got a text earlier today about another commercial audition tomorrow (Which of course I can't do).

I really don't like hearing about the auditions I'm missing out on because I'm actually working, but I guess it falls under "A nice problem to have".


Weds 12/7/11 (9:21 am)

Had a nice day on Austin & Ally.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating - It's just nice to go back to a set, to not be "the new guy" all the time.

I really like that.

My call was 8:45 this morning - I got there about a half-hour early - and we started rehearsing shortly after 9:00.

I don't have a major role in the episode (Truth to tell, it's hard to imagine my character ever having a "major role" to play in an episode...but I'm okay with that) - and a couple of lines I did have didn't make it through the latest script revision - but I still pop up a number of times, and I like what they have me doing (And the thing they cut? It was sort-of funny, but a complicated bit - involving a live bird - and I'm not that sorry to see it go).

Today was all about rehearsals; tomorrow we're taping, I believe, pretty much all the scenes I'm in (Except maybe one, where I don't have any lines), so I'll either not work on Friday, or it'll be a pretty minimal day.

(If it turns out I'm not working on Friday, I'd typically just take the day off, because I already have a "fill", and I'm making enough money that I don't really care about working my regular Weight Watchers meeting...but since becoming "full-time", my missing meetings is now something of an "issue" - though the last thing in the world I want to think about, when I have an acting gig, is how it's impacting my full-time status at Weight Watchers.)

The show is shooting new episodes through February (And Calum - who plays "Dez" on the show - said at lunch today they're hoping to get picked up for more), so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get some more work from the show before it's all said and done.

As I was telling Jane when we spoke on the phone recently, while this isn't my dream acting job - I'd prefer being on the kind of show I'd want to watch myself - I think it's fun (And the four young leads are very likeable and funny), and one could definitely do worse for "tween" entertainment.

I'm guessing this is probably my "swan song" in terms of acting jobs for the year.

I was thinking just a few days ago about composing my "Year In Acting" entry, but ever the optimist, I don't want to "count the year out" just yet (It's not likely I'll book a gig that will shoot before the new year...but I could sneak in another audition that might turn into something).

In any case, it's been an interesting year for me as an actor (With some clear successes, to be sure, but also some things that concern me).

But speaking of acting, I've got to get myself to bed - I've got a taping tomorrow...


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