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3:40 pm - Sat 7/8/06
The Abdominal Snowman

The Abdominal Snowman

Saw The Devil Wears Prada on Wednesday.

I enjoyed it quite a bit.

A lot of the reviews I'd read going in suggested it was "The Meryl Streep Show", and there really wasn't much else to recommend it.

And Meryl Streep is great, no two ways about it (I loved that she never yelled, but terrorized everyone around her nevertheless). But I thought Stanley Tucci was a lot of fun(as the bitchy "fashion director" of Runway magazine who becomes Anne Hathaway's "fairy godmother"), and, no matter what people have had to say about Streep "running off with the movie", I liked Anne Hathaway quite a bit as well.

It's not a perfect movie--I thought Anne Hathaway's boyfriend and friends from her pre-Runway life were pretty one-note characters--but beyond that, I feel comfortable saying, "Go see the movie. You'll have fun".


Two different sources of anxiety on the medical front:

1)Earlier in the week, I received a bill for $874, from the emergency room at St Vincents (I guess that's a different entity, money-wise, from the hospital proper).

Trying to be "Glass Half-Full Guy", I told myself--when my stomach started churning and I wanted to cry--that at least it was only hundreds of dollars, instead of thousands. And though I can't pay down my credit cards bills as things stand, at least I can put it on a credit card, if I need to.

But I'm hoping it won't come to that; On Thursday, I called QueensCare, and after being transferred three times, spoke to an Evelyn Moody, who heads up one of their clinics (The one I'm going to next week, on an unrelated matter). And happily, she seemed interested in helping me.

(Of course, when she said she'd call me back in an hour, after she made some phone calls, or the next day at the latest, and I never heard back, I grew anxious again. But I'm going to call her back on Monday, and see what's what.)

I also called the financial person at the hospital (Got his machine, but haven't heard back from him), and am considering calling the social worker there as well. Part of me feels like they'll tell me there's nothing they can do, but another part says that maybe if I can get all these helpful people operating on my behalf, I'll get somewhere.

(I'm also considering calling the number on the emergency room bill, and just laying it out there--"I've got no money to give you, folks, so what do we do about that?").

2)For the past couple days, I've been feeling more uncomfortable than I have in awhile, which I'm very concerned about.

(Seeing Dr Hunter for another follow-up next week, so I'm hoping he's going to tell me it's normal, or that I'll be okay if I just continue to "take it easy", or something that doesn't involve going in for more surgery.)


Had my first commercial audition since being out of the hospital on Thursday (A promo for the first season dvd release of Rome; I was playing a "high priest" in a Rome "reenactment" that goes tragically awry).

I made the mistake of opening my mail right before I left for the audition, so I was feeling that stress, in addition to the stress of having to put together something that looked "Roman High Priest"-ish (I ended up buying a white sheet and a blue bath towel at K-Mart, and doing what I could).

And when I got there, I wasn't very happy with the person running the audition. She was very abrupt and unfriendly, one of those casting people that make me want to say "Hey, aren't we supposed to be on the same fucking side here?"

The audition itself? I think it went alright, but it can be hard to tell sometimes--When you're doing a funny thing, and there's no one in the room but the casting person, who doesn't laugh or say anything afterwards, who knows?

My guess? Nothing's gonna happen (But as always, I'm open to being wrong).


Well, I had a ton more to write about (Like my first day back at work yesterday), but the time has gotten away from me, and it's off to the Metro...


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