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10:38 pm - Tues 7.28.2009
Bring My \"A\" Game

Bringing My "A" Game

Once again, I'm left wondering why, when I had all evening to write, and clearly have things to write about, I've waited till now.


These days, the "breaking news" seems to make it to Facebook before it gets here - probably because of the "status update" feature on FB - but yesterday Brett called to tell me I was "pinned" for The Mentalist, which I auditioned for yesterday afternoon (For the two-line part of "Bailiff").

So, with six auditions in a week's time, I've booked Mad Men, and am "pinned" for The Mentalist.

Not. Too. Shabby.

If I do say so myself.

I was thinking today that what's been so fun about this seven-day period (Starting last Tuesday) is the majority of the auditions (Mad Men, Eastwick, Three Rivers, and today's "post-apocalyptic vampire movie") were things I was genuinely excited about, meaning bigger, better roles than I've gone out for before.

I'd be happy to get six auditions of any kind in a week's time - because that means I'm getting a shot at making money (And auditions have been pretty hard to come by this year) - but the idea of getting a shot at making money doing something you're actually enthused about, that would be fun to do, and maybe even move your career forward...well, let's just say that the past seven days have reminded me why I'm out here.

Is this "progress" (That I've gotten some auditions that feel like genuine "opportunities"), or just "coincidence"?

I don't know - but I've really enjoyed it.

And I'm happy to say, each time out of the gate, I've brought my A-game - In part, because there was something to "bring an A-game" to.

But sure enough, I've waited too long, it's gotten too late, and I'm going to have to save the nitty-gritty of the week's three auditions for next time.

And in the meantime, try not to make myself crazy hoping for the phone to ring...


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