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4:15 pm - Tuesday, Jun. 19, 2007
Given The Choice, I Want BOTH

Given The Choice, I Want BOTH

I'm closing Guest Services at work tonite and am in serious need of a nap before then, but I wanted to share a couple bits of good news with you...

1. Got a call from Molly at PMG this morning: If the part doesn't get cut, I'll be shooting four episodes of Passions over three days next week (As the "Executioner").

2. Got a call from JS this afternoon: I have a callback for Halifax Medical tomorrow (As a quirky "Doctor").

There's potential for a conflict if I book both these things--which seems unlikely--but if I did book both of them, I'd definitely want to go with Passions (Though I'd be the "hero" in the commercial spot); neither gig is big money (The commercial is for a Florida medical concern, so unless you're in Dade County, I think, you're not gonna see it), and with money not an issue, I'd prefer doing the thing that more people will see, that I can then put on my resume.

Of course, in a perfect world, I'd book both, and be able to do both.

Let's hope for that outcome, shall we?

And now, to bed...


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