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10:41 am - Thurs 9/28/06


Well, I didn't mean to let a whole week go by without journaling, but until yesterday, there didn't seem to be much to report...

My call for Nip/Tuck today was 9:30.

I was on the lot just long enough to have breakfast (Chicken strips, biscuits, fruit, coffee, and an energy drink) when the A.D. knocked on my trailer door, telling me they'd changed the shooting order of today's scenes--my scene had moved from the second scene of the day to the last--and I could leave for awhile if I wanted.

(I thought about just "hanging out", but then realized if I came back home I could walk Lady at her regular time, set my VCR for Grey's Anatomy--just in case--and do this. So here we are.)

Big day yesterday...

I didn't think Brett would be submitting me for things during this time, but he actually has been (with a note: "We may have to cancel if Jim gets called to the set...").

So I had two tv auditions yesterday--One for Dirt, Courtney Cox's new comedy for FX, and the other for The Loop (For those of your keeping count, that's my third time in for The Loop).

If the Dirt audition was all that had happened yesterday, I would have been pretty unhappy; for no good reason, I was not nearly as prepared as I should have been (It took me four tries to get the scene. And that was about three tries too many).

But I didn't have much time to beat myself up about it, because I had The Loop audition at 5:15 (I dithered for awhile, then decided to ride my bike there, because my car was parked in a good spot and I didn't want to move).

When Brett first called about The Loop, it was for the "Balloon Pilot", a nice little part of about five or six lines.

I was happy to be going in for a real "thing", so was disappointed when Brett called back, saying now they wanted me to do "Modjeski" instead (Who had just one line--"Here's your Cinnabon, Sir").

Brett suggested I go in ready to do the "Balloon Pilot"--just in case--which turned out to be a really good call; While I was in the casting office, waiting to go in, the casting director came out and said the "Modjeski" part had been cut, and now everyone was reading for the "Balloon Pilot".

When she called me into the room, she asked if I needed more time to prepare, but I said I was fine.

And the reading went very well. It went so well that afterwards I thought, "If I don't get this, I know they'll still want to call me in for other things..." (Which was not how I felt after the Dirt audition).

So I ended my audition day on a good note.

And did I forget to mention...?

Between auditions, I got a voicemail from JS: I booked the Bahamas Tourism commercial!

That shoots sometime between the 16th-18th of next month.

And kids? It's a national.

(Whether or not it's a great "national" will depend on how much it runs. But the fact it's a "national" is a great start.)

And it's a "national" where I'm the star (Or the "hero", as they say in the biz).

So this year, which started out looking pretty grim--in terms of bookings--has taken a turn for the better...and then some.

(And I just got called by Nip/Tuck; I'm back at 2:00)

And in all the excitement about auditions and bookings and what-not, I practically forgot--My Gilmore Girls aired on Tuesday.

(And Wendy, I'm sorry I snoozed on the show info you asked me for...)

I'd taken the night off from work, so I watched it in "real time". Then of course, I'd taped it, so afterwards I watched it a couple dozen more times, tickled to death that I was actually watching myself on network tv.

(My review? I thought the bit came off pretty well. I noticed a bad habit that I'm going to need to break--I recently got a copy of the student film I did a couple years ago, and saw myself doing the same thing in 2004 that I was doing Tuesday night--but that aside, I was pleased with my network tv debut.)

I'm thinking a lot about what this all "means" to me--financially and beyond--but that's stuff for the next entry...


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