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11:09 AM - 03.20.23

Do Bars Ever Play Movies On Their TVs?

Feeling sick to my stomach-ish as I begin...

(Just realized that makes it sound like I'm about to explain to you what current circumstances are making me feel this way, but no - I'm just feeling a touch nauseated, for whatever reason. But anyway...)

Nothing new to report on the acting front.

Actually, as Berkeley Springs approaches, this is the time (Before a film festival) that I go from wanting auditions to kind of not wanting auditions (For fear of having conflicts with callbacks or shoots. I'm only going to be out of town a couple days, but as a lot of actors would tell you, that's around the time you suddenly become everyone's favorite actor).

But I'm expecting to have fun while we're there (Jane's back in LA a week from today, so we'll be flying there together, which always makes my least favorite part of film festival-ing more enjoyable. If I could just teleport to these things, I would).


Did something fun over the weekend - Attended a film festival in North Hollywood to watch my friend Cary's short film, The Caddy.

Had dinner with him and his friends Jonathan and Ross - Jonathan produced the film with Cary - which was quite nice.

Then saw the film at the NoHo Laemmle, in a "block" of three short films and one feature-length effort.

Cary's film was first up, and it had been edited since the last time I'd seen it, so it was kind of a new experience.

And I was impressed - It was a tight little crime thriller (Starring Ron Perlman).

Also enjoyed the film after The Caddy, Curiosity, even though it starred Bob Clendenin, an actor who's frequently beat me out on commercial things, and Eddie Steeples, who very possibly just beat me out for that big three-commercial deal I wrote about in my last entry (He was one of two African-American actors who went in before me.
He looked super-familiar, but I couldn't place him till seeing him in the film - He played "Crabman" on My Name Is Earl, a show I watched on the regular "back in the day").

Like The Caddy, it was a great little short-story of a film, like it was supposed to be.

The other two films were...less successful. Neither of them "cohered" the way the first two had. And I'd say that was mostly about the writing - In both, there were "tonal shifts" that left me wondering what kind of movie I was watching (And the second film had two actors, playing the same character - as a teen, then a middle-aged man - who looked nothing alike, which was jarring).

(A note to any filmmakers out there, and I'm stealing this from the late Roger Ebert - If you have a scene where a movie is playing on a TV in a bar or what-have-you, you need to make sure that movie isn't a better movie than the one we're watching. Saturday night's feature had the bar TV playing a scene from All That Jazz that made me wish I was actually watching All That Jazz.)


Well, I told myself I was going to go back to the GenSpace place today, and I've pretty much said what needed to be said, so I think I'm going to clean myself up a bit and head out.

Till next time...



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