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8:19 pm - Weds 8/10/11
A Job With Benefits (Starring...Me!)

A Job With Benefits (Starring...ME!)

For whatever reason, I've been "struggling" since Shameless.

I could give you this or that reason for the struggle - and I almost did just now (By reprinting the email I wrote Jane a couple days ago) - but what would be the point? It's all been said before, in one form or another (tired, lonely, money worries, blah blah blah), and I think I have a tremendously bad habit of "sitting in my unhappiness", rather than just saying, "Okay, I'm unhappy - Now what?".

So anyway...

This second Shameless gig is an unqualified "win". It just is.

It was me getting exactly what I'd asked for after the first gig - A return visit, acting with William H. Macy, for more money and a better credit.

And how often in this life have I gotten exactly what I asked for?

I have no way of knowing if that's the end of my relationship with the show or not...and it doesn't matter, because it's clearly a huge "win" , regardless of what does or doesn't happen next.

So I'm going to "put Shameless to bed" for now. I don't want to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory", turning this happy event into something to feel stressed and anxious about (By worrying if the scene worked out, about whether I'll be invited back, etc).

As the kids say, "It's all good".

Cause in this case? It really is.

In happy non-acting-related news...

Weight Watchers is making some changes in their "business model", and as a result, leaders and receptionists who've been working at "centers" (That are now going to be "stores") recently had to submit resumes and sign-up for interviews with the Territory Manager.

My interview was yesterday at 5:00 pm, and while I expected everything to be fine (I'm well-liked, do the job well enough, and am under my goal weight), I ended up getting the happy news that I am now apparently eligible for full-time status!

This is pretty big - Being full-time means a paid vacation, paid holidays, and more secure health insurance coverage than the on-again/off-again situation I have with SAG's plan (Where you have to earn X amount of dollars a year to qualify).

I don't want to get into all the ins-and-outs of the "full-time" thing (Boring!), but this bears mentioning; I was worried about the new plans for Weight Watchers "stores" (What can I say? I always worry about anything "new"), but it turns out, I'm going to be able to work the meetings I work now, during the week, and work - because of the plan to have "stores" be open longer - a couple more hours on Sunday, in order to insure that I'll be able to stay at "full time" (If I have an audition during the week or what-have-you. Cause right now, I'm apparently right on the borderline for eligibility).

As I told the TM, I've experienced a lot of conflict over how close I was to full-time status at Weight Watchers; I've wanted those benefits, but didn't want to add more meetings during the week (Creating more potential conflicts with auditions and gigs)...and now I don't have to.

Because I have the power to see the "down side" of everything, I can see where there's going to be a little added work and a little added stress here, but really? From where I'm sitting right now, it seems like a pretty good deal.

Beyond this happy development, it was just nice to talk to the TM, and have her say that no one's ever had a bad word to say about me (Nice to know I'm not deluded about being "well-liked").

This feels like a long time coming (I'm approaching my third anniversary working at Weight Watchers), and I have to say, I'm very pleased that's it's come in a way that suits my purposes to a t.

It's not nearly as "sexy" as doing a scene with William H. Macy, but it's nice to discover, that after assuming I was getting everything from Weight Watchers I was going to get, that a little more was in "store" for me.


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