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3:17 pm - Sunday, Jul. 16, 2006
Hitting The Big Time

Hitting The Big Time

Sun 7/16/06 (2:45 p.m.)

Still happy and excited over booking the Gilmore Girls thing, as you might imagine...

Wardrobe called me on Friday, to get my sizes, and when I got home from work that night, the script was waiting at my door.

My part is “Customer #2", who starts to walk out of a diner without paying and, as a result of that action, has a brief exchange with “Luke”, the owner (So yes, I do have actual lines).

Unlike the House episode, where I played the one-line role of “Surgeon”, my scene this time is with one of the principals. So I’m hoping that means I’ll be less likely to be cut (I don’t know if there are any hard-and-fast rules about that, but it seems to make sense).

As I’ve been saying to people in emails, it’s been fun being a “star” in my little ACG/ArcLight circles since news has gotten around about my booking the gig.

I don’t think I realized till I left Lansing how much having some measure of “status” in the local theater community meant to me. I liked that people who cared about such things knew who I was and thought I was a good actor. And when I came out here, and nobody knew me, and could have cared less what I did back in Lansing, Michigan...well, that was tough.

So I’ve enjoyed people being excited about my success, being happy for me, and predicting bigger and better things in my future. I like when other people see me the way I want to see myself–as a successful actor.

There’s all kind of reasons to be happy about booking this job–Getting to act, getting paid, being on tv (I hope!), craft services, etc–but probably the most meaningful thing about it, in terms of my “career”, is the credit. I’ve heard from many different quarters that working leads to more working, and more auditions coming your way.

And getting more auditions is very important to me right now. I’m thrilled that I booked this “Gilmore Girls” job–I can hardly communicate just how thrilled I am–and I plan on having a great day on Friday, but booking one co-star gig a year is not enough; I need more money, and I need more credits on the resume, so I can start vying for guest-star roles, and maybe use my success as leverage in getting a theatrical agent.

I may be getting “a little ahead of myself” here–It’s only my second co-star role, after all–but I am feeling very encouraged right now, and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to imagine that more successes are in my future.

But right now, Mr “Big Time Actor” here is going to take a nap...


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