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8:04 pm - 02.04.2010
My Big \"Thing\"

My Big "Thing"

When I booked "Castle", I thought I'd shoot my scene sometime during the day today, at the studio (Which is at Melrose and Van Ness, right across the street from Paramount, where I shot Nip/Tuck).

But I was wrong on both counts.

My call time is 10:00 pm, "on location" downtown (I'm assuming my scene is the last scene of the day).

(By the way, if I haven't mentioned it before now, I booked a costar part on Castle, a drama on ABC.)

So I guess you could say that's the big "thing" happening right now.

I'm happy to be "getting out of the gate" this fast in the new year, and am hoping that's a harbinger of good things to come (Logically, there's no particular reason to believe that's the case, but there's also no logical reason to believe that it isn't the case, so I'm going to go with the belief that works in my favor).

This is another show I watch and enjoy, which adds to the fun; it's not "art" on a par with Mad Men, but it's breezy and fun, and since I'm a big fan of Nathan Fillion (Who plays the title character), it's pretty cool that I will briefly inhabit the same universe, even if we're not actually working together tonite).

And, they're paying me $150 over my "quote" for a co-star role ($1100, up from $950). It's a very nice thing to do; while $150 is nothing to them, it means, going forward, that my "quote" is now $1100 (Clearly, it's nothing they had to do - my services could be had for the SAG minimum - it's just their way of "helping me out").

But all that said, I haven't exactly been "over the moon" about this booking - I'm pleased, don't get me wrong, because booking is the-name-of-the-game, and this is a good one to get...but I'm not as excited as I've been in the past.

Is this becoming "old hat" to me already...?

I don't think that's exactly it, but I do think I've done this enough now that, unless there's something that makes it a "first", or something that specifically makes it extra cool or different (Like if I were getting to do a scene with Nathan Fillion, for example)'s a job.

Granted, a pretty cool, well-paying job...but a job, nevertheless.

At this point, I am very eager to "move up the ladder", and graduate from one-scene costar roles to "guest star" status - It's "a tough nut to crack", but I'd love this to be the year I crack it.

In other career-related news, JS called me day-before-yesterday, I think it was, to let me know that a good-sized commercial check was coming my way (Combining monies that have recently come in from Kayak, FedEx, and AT&T).

It's not an amount that will have me shopping for mansions with gold bathtubs and diamond doorknobs...but it is enough money - particularly when combined with Weight Watchers, my tax refund, a check I'm due for a repeat of my Mentalist episode, and of course, tonite's earnings - that worries about paying my bills are officially banished for at least the next four or five months.

(And by then - one hopes - more checks and more bookings will keep the bill-paying fun going...)

As you might imagine, I'm pretty relieved.

(But I think rather than get into the joys of being able to go grocery shopping without a lot of emotional stress and strain, I'm going to try and catch a little rest before hopping on the Schwinn and heading downtown...)


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