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1:12 pm - Fri 11/21/03

Don't have a lot of time for a big entry, but wanted to get the happy news out--I booked the Incubus video!

Yay me...!

The callback was the last of three auditions I had yesterday (More on those in the next entry).

I was feeling a little stressed going in; I was running late from the audition before and had to change clothes when I got there--I was about ten minutes late--and they'd actually called JS to see where I was.

But I got myself together, and everyone seemed cool, probably cause I had the only excuse that holds water out here--"I was on my way here from another casting".

At the first audition, they'd had me watching myself be a "Dictator" in the mirror. I felt like I did okay with it, but regretted that I hadn't done better.

This time out, I was put with a "wife", a young "daughter", and a pre-teen "son"; We were taped sitting around a dinner table, pretending to eat machine parts (I was drinking a glass of motor oil).

They had us doing that for a while, then shot us running from bombs and gunfire. I felt kind of goofy, but went for it.

I wasn't sure if I was still auditioning for "Dictator", and this was supposed to be an unhappy domestic scene, or if they had determined I was too cute and cuddly for that, and were looking at me for something else.

But whatever the case, I got a job!

On the down side, it's still paying chump change, and not the big bucks I've fantasized about since I got here. But it's an honest-to-goodness video by a real band that will no doubt get major play.

And it's just nice to get something. Regardless of the project or the money, just getting something makes me feel more hopeful. Once again, I've got proof that I can get jobs out here.

Anyway, it shoots Sunday. I expect I'll be getting a call today about a wardrobe fitting sometime tomorrow (I called work earlier to let them know I wouldn't be in on Sunday).

And speaking of work, I'm going to lie down for a few minutes.

More on this and a host of other topics in the next entry...


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