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3:50 pm - Mon 1/10/05
Jack-In-The-Box Redux

Jack-In-The-Box Redux?

Mon 1/10/05 (2:38 p.m.)

Well, the bad news is that we're into our 4th straight day of rain out here, and the most recent forecast I've heard says we can expect it to last through Wednesday.

I used to be amused at how people here really freak-out when it rains. And yeah, sometimes it still seems a bit melodramatic, with "Stormtracker" weather bulletins for every "spring shower", but when it rains like it's been raining lately–In the first ten days of January, we've gotten almost half the rainfall we had last year–it starts getting pretty serious. Streets flood out pretty easily here, and I guess more than one home up in the canyons has been lost.

And the worst thing? I end up having to drive to work.

It's only been the past two days that I drove both to and from the bookstore (Before that, I either rode my bike and got a ride home, or drove to work, then left my car in the parking lot). And day before yesterday, it worked out pretty well–I found a parking spot only three blocks away–but last night, I think I broke a record: I ended up parking down on Mariposa, a couple blocks past Beverly, a full thirteen blocks from my apartment.

I finished work last night around 11:30.

I got home just before 1:00 a.m.

And I live about five-and-a-half miles from the bookstore.

But for the record, I didn't scream and cry and tear my remaining hair out, raging at the gods over the unfairness of it all (Which is what I typically do); I just told myself, "You're going to have to get used to this..." (there's going to be a lot more nighttime driving as a Mobile Notary). And since I had a full tank of gas, it didn't really matter if I had to drive around for awhile (Early on here, there were a couple of times I thought "I can't believe it--I'm actually going to run out of gas trying to find a place to park...").

(The cops actually pulled up beside me at one point, wondering what my deal was–I guess it looked like I was "casing the neighborhood"–but I told them "Hey guys, I'm just trying to find a place to park...", and they moved on.)

So anyway, the rain–bad news.

The good news is that I got a call from JS today, and I have another Jack-In-The-Box audition tomorrow!

Unlike the last one–which still hasn't started running yet–I'd actually be co-starring with "Jack", with lines and everything.

It would be very cool, not to mention appealingly lucrative.

And if this is my year to make a break from Borders, I need a "lucrative" year, commercially, so wish me luck.


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