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4:37 PM - Tues 12.06.22

Can You Say "COVID" Boys And Girls?

Well, having just read the title of this entry, I think you know what I'm about to say next: I'm so glad I continue to not have COVID!

(I'm kidding, of course. I totally have COVID.)

I'm at least four days in - maybe more, because it often takes me a couple days to realize I'm actually sick (And it's not just general sinus-y bullshit) - but I don't know how long this takes to run its course.

If you've been following me for a while, you'll definitely know what my big concern has been since taking ill.

And yes, it has screwed up the acting thing, thanks for asking - A short time ago, I had to decline a commercial callback tomorrow.

(And my agent just emailed to say Casting called him, unhappy about this set of circumstances - Apparently, I'd been "the man to beat" going into callbacks. As Kurt Vonnegut might say, "So it goes").

But other than it messing with my livelihood, my time with COVID hasn't been all that bad. The worst symptoms have been teeth-chattering chills - for just one night - and an ongoing, wracking dry cough (Seriously - at one point I worried I was going to cough myself into another hernia).

While I had to go out in the world to buy the COVID test, since then, I've been living a pretty solitary existence (Which, in a world where Jane R isn't around and I don't have any auditions, is kind of "par for the course", except now I'm not going to the store for the next couple days - I plan to download Instacart, probably right after I finish here, so I don't put anyone at risk while I am riddled with disease).

(It just struck me - I haven't "vocalized" today. I've texted Jane and Josh, and emailed JS, but haven't had occasion to speak. But anyway...)

Haven't exactly been "a ball of fire" over the past couple days, but have been a little more productive today - I did my Unemployment, deposited a check from JS (A partial payment for KFC), and took out some trash.

And now I'm doing this.

And at some juncture, a drawing may get drawn.

And the night is still young - Who knows what trouble I might get into before the day is done?

Well, this might qualify as "shortest entry ever", but I think I've given you what I've got for today.

Till next time...



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