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1:50 pm - Fri 8/11/06
Showing My Ass For Chump Change

Showing My Ass For Chump Change
Thurs 8/10/06 (1:48 a.m.)

One of the things thatís had me feeling a little ďstressedĒ lately is that itís ďthat time of yearĒ again--time for my yearly rent increase (I donít have the exact amount in front of me, but starting in September, Iíll be paying another 30-plus dollars a month).

When the rent goes up, and Iím scraping by as it is, thatís always my cue to start thinking about what homelessness might be like, going back to Lansing with my tail between my legs, etc and so on.

But for now, Iím going to try and stick it out for a couple more weeks...


Got another notice from the emergency room people recently (From my hospital stay back in June).

Apparently, I havenít paid my bill yet, and theyíd really like me to.

This situation reminds me of when I was a young adult, didnít have a car (I didnít learn to drive till I was in my late 20's), and had to depend on other people to get rides; sometimes Iíd end up being late to a thing because of my ride. And that would bother me, but I couldnít say anything, because they were doing me a favor just giving me a ride in the first place.

How do you call a charity thatís helping you out, and say ďUmmm...can you help me out a little faster, please?Ē. That feels awkward and...ungracious to me.

Iím thinking about maybe calling the emergency people, and telling them my story. Iím not sure theyíll careĖI imagine them saying ďUltimately, the bill is your responsibilityĒ- but who knows? It would be nice if I could get them to talk to QueensCare, so I can continue to be the nice, grateful poor person, and not the guy whoís become a pain-in-the-ass to deal with.


Recently received a wedding invitation to Nate and Katrinaís wedding, back in Lansing.

(Nate is Janeís eldest.)

Hereís the position Iím in-- even if someone gave me airfare (Or frequent-flier miles), and room and board while I was there, I couldnít go, because I couldnít afford taking the time off work (As I think Iíve said before, ArcLight has no paid personal/vacation days, so if I donít work, thatís money out of my pocket).


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