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7:35 pm - Sat 12.06.2008
Off To The Cinema

Off To The Cinema

As I begin this entry, I'm listening to "Mississippi Queen", off the "Southern Rock" compilation cd Goin' South (Which is far-and-away my most-played cd, if that gives you any sense of my musical predilections. But anyway...).

Had a workshop earlier today, my second of the month (As opposed to last month, when I didn't do any).

It went very well - the casting person (Toby Guidry, from Burrows/Boland Casting) had said he was going to have us all do our scenes twice, but me and my partner rocked our phone-conversation from The Heartbreak Kid (I was "Chris Elliot" to my partner's "Ben Stiller"); when we were done, TG, clearly amused, said he didn't have anything to add, but just complimented us on our work.

As I've said many times before, that's the response I'm always looking for when I do these things - To use a baseball analogy, a "triple" isn't good enough; I'm looking for a "home run" each time up.

Anyway, that was fun.

Right now, I'm just passing the time till heading off to ArcLight (My former place of employment), to see a late-show of Milk with my friend Patrick M.

It should be interesting getting Patrick's take on the film - Patrick is gay, and a reporter for LA Weekly (So he's had a lot to say, and a public forum in which to say it, about the passage of Prop 8 - though his reportage has really focused more on the failure of the "No" side to effectively make their case than anything else).

(The only down side to this evening, in my estimation, is that I'm deferring to Patrick's choice of movie venue; I'd much rather be seeing Milk at the Vista - It's not about any "hard feelings" towards ArcLight, mind you, just that it's an extra $5.00 I'd rather not be spending. But anyway...)

I'm going to take the Metro, and leave early, so I can stop by Borders on the way - I need to buy my Xmas cards.

And beyond that, it's pretty much time to stick a fork in 2008, admit it's all over, and buy my 2009 calendar (I'm hoping they'll have the "Monster Grid" calendar I like - It had been my calendar-of-choice for years, till I couldn't find it last year, and had to go with an inferior product).

(And maybe I'll read some comic books in the store without paying for them - I've gotta get my money's-worth from this evening somehow...)


I'm feeling like it's time for another "Stuff Jotted On Envelopes" journal entry - I've got a lot of stuff written down, and while most of it's probably nothing, I think a few things might be interesting to address in here.

But for now, it's off to the cinema...


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