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10:29 pm - Thurs 12/7/06
George Clooney, Marvin Goldstein, and Me

George Clooney, Marvin Goldstein, and Me

Well, this might be "A day that will live in infamy", being the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and all, but it's actually been a pretty good day for Yours Truly...

This afternoon, I had an audition at CBS-Radford for Leatherheads, an upcoming George Clooney movie about the early days of football(Written and directed by Mr. C.; I presume he's acting in it as well, though I'm not sure).

I was going in for both "hotel clerk" and "reporter" (Brett and Molly emailed me the sides yesterday), and I feel like it went well.

Anyway, if I book it, it starts shooting in late February, in North and South Carolina.

Wish me luck on that. Booking a movie role is one of my goals for 2007, but I'd certainly be up for getting an early jump on that particular goal (I've also fantasized about doing something "on location". And while the Carolinas aren't really the "location" I had in mind, at this point, I'll take it).

(I idly wondered if I'd meet
the man himself today, but decided, considering the size of the roles involved, that it was pretty unlikely. But, while I didn't meet George Clooney today, I did hear him, in an adjoining room, and I still thought that was pretty cool.)

Here's another fun thing that's happened to me recently...

Yesterday while I was at work (At retail), I checked my email, and there was a message from a "Marvin Goldstein".

Marvin was writing to tell me that, years ago, he bought some cartons at a second-hand store in Lansing, and in one of said cartons were two of my old journals!

Through the miracle of the Internet, he finally tracked me down, and said if I'd email him with my mailing address, he'd send the journals to me.

Isn't that cool?

(If you're wondering how someone ended up buying two of my old journals in a secondhand store, here's what happened: Back in '83, I think it was, I moved from Lansing MI to Houston TX, with Beth R., my girlfriend at the time. We put most of our things in her mother's storage space, in Lansing, but Mom didn't pay her bill, and everything got sold. Which I only found out about when the relationship ended a year later, and I went back to Lansing and tried to get my stuff back. As I told Marvin, "It was the textbook definition of 'adding insult to injury'...")

Anyway, it's pretty cool I'm going to get to see these journals again, because I assumed they'd been thrown in the trash years ago.

Thank you, Marvin G!


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