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9:48 AM - Tues 11.07.23

Contact With The Humans

(Well, I can't talk about "the top story" today, so I will proceed to the next story...)

I have a somewhat unusual commercial audition later today.

Since the pandemic, which whittled down the number of commercial casting offices in LA, I've only gone to two places for commercial auditions (One on Wilshire, and another on LaBrea). But today I'm going to an office in North Hollywood.

So that'll be a little different (I actually wondered at one point if there were any casting offices other than the ones I'd been going to. So I asked Josh one day while we were picketing, and he mentioned this place I'm going to today, on Lankershim).

Also unusual is that it's a voiceover audition, which is strange on two fronts.

First, I don't have a voiceover agent at present, and JS (My commercial guy) doesn't typically handle voiceovers.

And B, I haven't "gone somewhere" to do a voiceover audition in...I don't know how long (Certainly not since the early years of my commercial "career"), and in the modern era of self-recording, I didn't imagine I ever would again.

So I'm expecting fun to be had (It's funny copy which I'm going to do well with. And since it's a voiceover, I'll be able to just read it - No memorization, or worrying about reading it off a board while trying not to look like I'm reading it off a board).

Another nice thing about this audition is it isn't going to pre-empt lunch with Josh, since it's not till 4:00-something (That maybe shouldn't have been the first consideration when I got notice of the audition...but it was).

I feel a little guilty that I didn't go picket today (And it looks like the picketing will be ongoing, since the SAG negotiating committee rejected the Producers "last, best, and final offer", due to its continued lack of AI protections).

(There's no picketing on Friday - for Veterans Day, I think? - and this would have been my next best day to go, since a couple hours of walking tends to kill my motivation to do classes at GenSpace, which I do on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But I'll see what Josh thinks, and if he isn't into it, try to drag myself out tomorrow or the next day. I didn't go last week due to my whatever-I've-had, and it feels important.)

Being back at GenSpace was nice yesterday - My absence was noted by a number of people, I was able to get into my dance class, and I had some time to draw while I was there (The drawing sucked - I got off a better one last night - but the point is that I did it).

I've come to realize that as solitary as I am, by and large, I've been on this planet so long I've come to need some time around the humans to feel "normal".

And that feels like a good note for this "man from outer space" to blast off on (I've gotta start getting ready for Josh-time at Mendocino Farms).

Till next time...



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