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7:16 PM - Sat 4.17.21

Go Make Some Art, DaVinci!

Did a podcast earlier today titled "What now?".

Because that's the question of the day, week, month, and year.

But it's a question with no answers because I haven't thought of the answers yet.

I don't have to sweat money right now. And not for a while, I don't think - I have money in the bank, there will be dribs and drabs coming in from residuals and Cameos and whatnot (More on one potential "whatnot" shortly), and in May I can reapply for Unemployment - but that doesn't mean I just sit on my hands and "hope for the best" regarding the future.

But what do I do?

I do have a sense of one thing that needs to happen; I need to work more and passively entertain myself less.

Actually, at this point I'd say, "I need to actively entertain myself more" - If I want to basically sell myself as an interesting guy that you should be watching/listening to (And hoping you'll pay me for the privilege), then I have to be doing more with my time than just fucking around, watching YouTube videos and napping all day long.

I feel like I've been squandering the opportunity of a lifetime - With the loss of first my day job, and now Shameless, I've got all the time in the world to "stimulate myself" creatively and intellectually (It's a point of concern that I'm not very interested in the other kind of self-stimulation...but that's why I picked up a prescription for testosterone gel earlier this afternoon).

On the creative side of things, I recently sold my first drawing (I sent it out yesterday morning).

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, people have inquired about my drawings before (Since I started posting them on social media), and that's where entertainment and commerce might do a little dance - If I up my game with the drawing (Both getting better at it and just ending up with more drawings), that's both a good use of my free time creatively and potentially a source of some income.

(As opposed to YouTube - It feels unlikely anyone's ever going to pay me just to watch YouTube. Though if I figure out something to do on YouTube, that might be a different thing altogether...)

And it's not only a matter of directly monetizing my hobbies - For example, I don't really see anyone paying me just to read...but if I'm always reading something or other, and I've got all kinds of facts and stories and ideas percolating in my head at any given time, hard to see that not helping me in terms of drawing and podcasting and the like (Not to mention helping to make me a better, more interesting actor).

And beyond making money from it, directly or indirectly, that's just more the person I want to be as I move through the remainder of my life (But even that fact, in my mind, has a bearing on if people want to follow me/support me online - I have a sense that people who seem to be doing exactly what they want are much more appealing than people who aren't doing anything. Besides, if I want people to support me online and I'm not doing anything, I'm just begging. And that's not what I'm looking for here).

Jane R's going to help me with a website, where I can direct people to the Podcast ("Inside Hoffmaster's Head"), to Cameo, to IMDB, to the Documentary page, and to my drawings.

(I'm grateful she's offered to help me set that up - That's not something I'd be likely to make happen by myself.)

Well, I'm a little embarrassed by all this ("Am sounding completely mercenary...?"), but it's a conversation with myself I have to have - If I don't want to work a day job moving forward, and I don't book that big series regular role I'm dreaming of - Perish the thought! - I'm gonna have to figure out what I have to offer the world creatively.

And on that note, I could write more, but a little voice inside is saying, "Go make some art, DaVinci...!".

(Till next time...)



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