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11:30 pm - Mon 7.04.2011
The Dawnzerly Light

The Dawnzerly Light

The final half-hour of "Independence Day 2011"...

As I'm sure I've said before, I'm not a big fan of holidays, by and large.

But today was okay - Mondays aren't a work day for me, so I didn't lose out on any Weight Watchers money, I have no strong emotional associations with the day (So I wasn't lamenting how, "I used to enjoy the Fourth of July so much, and now it sucks..." or anything of that nature), and I had a fun little something to do that got me out of the house.

The "fun little something" was seeing Midnight In Paris with Howard (Who had actually seen it already, but liked it enough that he was up for seeing it again with me).

Afterward, we both agreed that, while there probably won't be any more masterpieces like Annie Hall, if Woody Allen can keep making enjoyable movies like this and Vicky Christina Barcelona, we'll be satisfied customers.

Later, I went back out, to have the fast food I told myself I could have after my second weigh-in for the month (195 lbs and change), and to go to the grocery store.

On the way home from Ralphs, was meditating on how Fireworks are more fun if you have someone to "Oooh!" and "Ahhh!" over them with; On my own, I still like fireworks, but not enough to inconvenience myself in any way (For example, by going to a fireworks show where it'll take me longer to get out of the parking lot than it took to watch the show).

Then, happily, someone decided to stage a show basically right in front of my apartment, with pretty high-quality fireworks.

It was a nice little "grace-note" to the day.


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