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7:10 AM - 07.26.20

A Day Well-Spent

(Up way earlier than I think anyone should be on a Sunday. Turned on the TV - I am quite enjoying my new TV, by the way - and am in the the last ten minutes of a Louie Anderson standup special. And after Louie Anderson, I’ll be listening to clips of Kurt Vonnegut on YouTube, because of what Dick Hill posted on my Facebook page a short time ago. And now you’re pretty much up-to-date on things, but I’m going to write more anyway...)

Nice day yesterday...

Drew a picture early in the morning, not a good one, but a picture nevertheless (Turns out, it’s much harder to draw a Hulk action figure than to copy a drawing of him from a graphic novel).

Then other stuff happened, I don’t remember what, but it was fine.

Then I did a podcast. Which made me happy because I’d been procrastinating about it for whatever reason,

I thought it went well (I liked the previous one too, so was happy when Jane R confirmed my good opinion of it). I don’t have a lot of listeners, don’t really know how to get more listeners, and don’t really deserve more listeners (at least not at this point) but it’s something to do.

And really, an average of 15 listeners, while not impressive to anyone else, kind of amazes me - Why would 15 people, on average, listen to me talk about anything?

Yet they do. Which is nice.

(That said, I do have to figure out how to attract more of an audience, perhaps by being more interesting. Because this isn’t supposed to be just “something to do” but, rather, a thing I hope to be able to do instead of working-for-a-living.)

Then there was a little more time where I don’t remember what I did - there was eating in there somewhere, which I always enjoy - but which left me feeling fine.

Then Jane R came over - Earlier she asked if I wanted her to take pictures of me or just scan things (Whatever pictures and ephemera that might be useful for the film).

For some reason I was indifferent to the idea of being photographed, whereas I typically enjoy it, so I said “the scanning thing”.

So she came over, I pulled out the scanner I’ve been storing for her since the last time she was here, and she scanned photos and whatnot, often expressing her delight at seeing some photo or bit of ephemera she hadn’t seen before (And I felt useful, my job being to pull stuff out for her to look at. I was also pleased she was using my new “work station”, proving it was suitable for a number of creative uses, such as scanning photograph and documents for use in a documentary).

After that, we went out to eat - I said before that I always find eating enjoyable but I think it’s particularly enjoyable in an instance like this (But the place we went to is too expensive for what you get. But it’s possible I might just feel that way because I’m old now and have been poor most of my life and everything seems like it’s too expensive now).

Then we walked back to my place, to get her laptop, and I drove her home.

When I got back, I spent the rest of the evening watching TV, the nice thing about it being that, since I’d done creative stuff on my own, then helped Jane do creative stuff, it was totally guilt-free (The existential issue of my life is that I often feel too tired to do things but then feel tremendously guilty that I’m not doing things).

And that was a good day.

I thought a bit about just why that constituted a good day, which seems important to consider, because it would be nice if I could repeat it at will.

Basically, it fulfilled a lot of needs - The need for time by myself, the need for time with someone else, the need to be creative, to lounge about doing not much of anything, the need to laugh a lot, and maybe most of all, to feel “This day was well-spent”.

This is going to be harder to achieve when Jane heads back to Santa Fe in a week-and-a-half, but it’s worth knowing, if nothing else, that “variety” really is “the spice of life”.

Even in a single day.

Till next time...




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