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10:18 pm - Mon 6/12/06
The Dead Walk...Just Very, Very SLOWLY

The Dead Walk...Just Very, Very Slowly

(Someone, while I was away, paid for an additional three months of my "Supergold" membership in here. Thank you so much! If you wish to be anonymous, I understand, but I'd love to find out who you are, so I can thank you properly. By email, if you wish to not be made public.)

As "Dr Nick" on The Simpsons might say, "Hi Everybody!".

I'm back (I'd like to say "I'm back, and better than ever", but that would be really pushin' it).

I hope you missed me, because I really missed doing this while at the hospital.

And I thought I'd be doing this a lot sooner than now--I did jump online to read all your comments soon as I could (Even though Jane had already read them to me at the hospital)--but since I'd missed lunchtime at the hospital (I was released by maybe 10:00, and Cary picked me up at noon), Cary (Who came with his visiting niece--whose name I've forgotten but who is very a very cool kid) took me to Denny's (Where I had most of a grilled chicken sandwich, a couple of fries, and a large apple juice), then backtracked to the hospital to get my car (While I composed a grocery list), then went and got groceries for me.

(Like I've said before, this guy never does enough for me. But anyway...)

As this stuff was happening, I discovered that, while I initially thought I'd forego the vicodin prescription--the first QueensCare communication I attempted today on that front was...discouraging (More on that later)--from the fatigue and discomfort I felt just going up and down the stairs a couple times and putting away groceries, having some pain meds around "just in case" might not be a bad idea.

(The one thing I did for myself today--I walked three or four long blocks to Walgreens, and bought the generic equivalent myself, putting it on a charge card. It wasn't very much--only about $15 or so.)

Anyway, after that pulse-pounding excitement, I was thinking all I was up for the rest of the night was popping a couple faux-Vicodin, laying myself down, and watching some Sopranos (Jane's latest tape was in the mail when I got home...along with every other piece of mail I got this past week; the one thing I forgot during my unfortunate intestinal episode was to have my mail delivery stopped).

But here we are.

I wanted to thank Jane for being my "mouthpiece" while I was gone--It may sound silly, but I take this little journal/blog thing kind of seriously: If I've invited you to look into my life, and you've said "Sure, why not?", I think you deserve to be kept "in the loop" when something like this happens (Also, I just wanted all the good wishes I could drum up...), so thank you, Jane, for making that happen.

And speaking of good wishes...

I wanted to thank all of you for your comments in here, and all the phone calls I got at the hospital (And a special thank you for Chris S., for putting in a couple special guest appearances at the hospital).

And of course, a massive thank you to Cary B., for basically being the impetus that moved me from being unhappy and afraid about what was happening, to taking some action about what was happening, and being a rock for me every step of the way.

I'm going to be taking it slow for the next almost-month. But I'm going to try to see it as enforced "Jim time"--time to think, and play, and watch dvds, and go on very, very slow walks (It's weird to walk down the street that way. Makes me feel nervous, and exposed, and jealous of "The Fast Ones", as I've come to think of anyone who can move faster than a snail's pace. But I'll get used to it).

And it'll be nice to not worry about ArcLight for a while, or about acting, or about anything else.

Just about getting better.

Well, I'm feeling bed and The Sopranos calling me back, but before I go, I had a question--Do you feel like you've pretty much "gotten the drift" of what's happened to me this past week, or do you want me to reprint what I wrote while I was in the hospital?

I'm kind of feeling like it already has the stink of "old news", and would be fine with letting it slide.

But if people want me to "reprint" those entries, I could do that too (I'd probably try to "edit them" a bit more than I have at this point, and make each day a seperate entry, so as not to overwhelm you with too much excruciating minutae).

Anyway, let me know.

And thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. Thanks for being involved in my life.

Good night.


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