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7:55 am - Tues 2/12/08
Stalking The Wild Dentist

Stalking The Wild Dentist

Got back from last night's "sleep study" about an hour ago...

It was, in short, a miserable night.

I'm not a sleep study virgin - this is my third one - but with the last one, they actually came to my apartment and hooked me up (Which I think makes a great deal of sense; if you're going to study the way I sleep, you should study me where I sleep), so it's been a dozen or more years since I had to go somewhere, sleep in a strange bed, be hooked up with sensors and electrodes and god knows what-all, be woken up when I do finally start sleeping (To have them put a CPAP mask on me, which makes sleeping that much more challenging), and then try to have anything even vaguely resembling a decent night's sleep.

I knew it wouldn't be a fun night, but it ended up being a way worse night than I'd anticipated.

I'm just hoping that this "way worse night than I'd anticipated" is going to lead to something I can live with.

Or to be more precise, something I can sleep with.


At last night's AT&T callback, at Envision in Santa Monica, there were 27 "dentist" wannabees, crowding a small, narrow lobby (Leading many actors to wonder aloud, sarcastically, "Who didn't get called back...?").

But since they're going to need a number of dentists, it would seem like my chances are better-than-average - Almost one-in-five.

When I first got the audition, I worried "With my teeth, who's going to believe I'm a dentist?".

But happily, no teeth-baring was required at the audition (Unlike the Orbit audition earlier in the day), and the callback was pretty much the same thing; they called us in five at a time, told us to assume a relaxed posture, then respond to a sudden noise by snapping to attention (eyes focused on a post-it on the far wall), then running off.

(This is apparently going to be a series of commercials, or at least two commercials; before the "dentists", there were a bunch of "plumbers" auditioning for another spot with the same basic idea.)

When my group of "dentists" was called in, the director had us do it a couple times (Directing me to "be more scared" the second time, which is what we were specifically directed not to do at the first audition), and that was that.

I was pleased - considering how many times they'd already seen actors doing the bit - that the decision-makers were laughing, and seemed genuinely amused when we were done.

But nothing happened during the course of the audition that made me think I had any more of a shot at booking the gig than anyone else - if I get it, it'll really just be "the luck of the draw".

So wish me luck on my "draw"...


Well, my desire to write more is warring with my desire to slip into unconsciousness (Did I mention I had a miserable night's sleep last night...?), and I think "unconsciousness" is going to win out.

I'm still feeling like there's stuff I want to "get to" in here that has definitely not been gotten to.

But it'll have to wait.


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