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12:45 pm - 11.02.2009
Remember \"Readers Digest\"...?

Remember "Readers Digest"...?

Spent all morning writing an entry in here, which just somehow got deleted.

(I'm less than happy about this turn-of-events, to put it mildly.)

So, since I have neither the time or the inclination to go through it all again, here's the "Readers Digest Condensed Version"...

1, I'm still waiting to hear whether-or-not i booked I'm In The Band, a gig I got much more excited about when Brett told me it's a three-camera show with an audience.

Meaning what I thought would be one day of work would actually be two or three days of work (Meaning if I booked it, I'd be able to pay AFTRA what I owe them and have a little left over for a donation to my favorite charity - The "Save Jim Hoffmaster" Fund).

2. On Friday Thursday, I looked at an apartment for the first time since moving to LA eight years ago (I tried to look at an apartment - last year? - but it never got as far as me actually seeing the inside).

I could give you the ins and outs of what was offered, my lack of enthusiasm, how the guy called me back to sweeten the deal, etc., but long story short, the place was just too damn small - at 150 square feet, it's maybe a third the size of where I'm at now.

And I don't want to spend my days in what feels like a prison cell.

3. Wednesday evening, I met with Tobin, a therapist at the Hollywood-Sunset Free Clinic who does group therapy on Monday nights.

I've been in therapy on-and-off pretty much my entire adult life, but never tried group therapy, and I'm intrigued enough by the idea to get past the fact that Tobin looks about 16, and give it a go.

It starts two weeks from today.

4. This week is shaping up to be a busy one - In addition to Weight Watcher meetings (I currently have five regular meetings), and therapy, and whatever auditions come my way, I'm doing an open-mic tonite at the Rainbow Bar and Grill, I'm going to see Eric H. at Akbar tomorrow night, and I'm going to see some of my other stand-up class classmates at The Comedy Store on Wednesday (Prior to my own gig next Wednesday).

Still wrestling with...whatever-it-is I'm wrestling with regarding stand-up.

But I'm hoping that if I just keep forging ahead, "the way will become clear".

Wish me luck with that.

(Speaking of stand-up, I think I need to wrap this up, rescue my laundry from the dryer, and go over my stuff...)


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