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8:28 am - Tues 2.10.2009
Faked Out

Faked Out

Well, I'm up earlier than I want to be - I have to meet Lynn K. at 11:00 to do an "at work" WW meeting - so what better time to do this?

Lately, I've been really up and down emotionally - the "downs" having to do mostly with the precarious state of my finances - but the past 48 hours have been pretty "up", by and large.

On Sunday I went to visit Cary and Kay, which always lightens my spirits a bit, and this visit was no exception (I got there maybe around 11:30 a.m., and stayed till a little after 4:00).

We went to Mimis, a nice little local restaurant they like, for lunch, then just went back to their place and hung out.

Cary and I talked for a good while; about our respective efforts in "The Business", about tv shows and movies of mutual interest (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, the upcoming Watchmen movie, etc.), and about this and that (From waiting in line at banks and grocery stores, to the real possibility that America has gone into permanent decline).

I always enjoy these chats - Cary's a smart guy (I'm pretty sure he has a couple IQ points on Yours Truly), and it's a real treat to have an actual conversation with someone like that (I think we have that perfect thing, where we have enough common interests to have things to talk about, are both smart guys, and are just different enough for it to be stimulating without devolving into fisticuffs).

Yesterday felt good mainly because I felt as if I got some important things done (Mostly via the telephone).

In the morning I went to the Dentist, but didn't get any work done; my mouth, while healing nicely, is still a "work in progress", and the dentist - a different dentist, since mine was running late - thought it would be best to wait another couple weeks before doing the bridge (And since the extraction isn't in the front and you can't really see it, there's not a pressing need for a "temporary bridge").

At one point, the day was feeling like a series of "fake-outs":

1. I thought I was going to get dental work done - but then I didn't.

2. I thought I was going to get a big break on my cable bill (When an AT&T salesperson called to offer me an introductory $54.99 for my first six months of DirecTV and high-speed Internet). But that fell through - First because I balked at signing a contract, and then because we're not allowed to have satellite dishes in my apartment building anyway.

3. I called my insurance company, to have them explain my $1300 bill (From the night I fell and hit my head, and ended up at Good Samaritan), and found out my $1300 bill is actually only a $350 bill (YAY!).

After that, in the spirit of trying to do myself some good, I called my two unions - SAG and AFTRA - and arranged to be put on "Suspended Payment" status.

(That basically means that I don't need to pay my dues until and unless I book something, but in the meantime, I won't be "dinged" for the late payments.)

That doesn't really change the fact that not enough money is coming in right now, but it does make me feel better, knowing that I don't have to sweat those bills (and the bills getting larger and larger) for the immediate future.

And I communicated with JS about Coldstone.

He agreed that it was time to get SAG back in the picture (P.S. I called Tracey H. in the commercial department at SAG a short time ago - Coldstone sent a check, but hadn't deducted taxes or P&H or anything else, so it had to be sent back for them to do it right. But things are - slowly, inexorably - moving forward).

And speaking of "moving forward", I've gotta go - Don't want to be late for my "at work" meeting...!


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