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7:45 am - Thurs 4.16.2009


While some "news" can wait to be reported, when auditions go well, I need to write about it ASAP, while it's still "fresh" (Or as I joked to Cary last night, "Before happiness curdles into disappointment and a reevaluation of the life choices that have gotten me here").

Yesterday, I auditioned for a FiberOne Internet commercial (A number of commercials, actually; there were 10 or 11 pages worth of sides on LA Casting).

I went in for the part of "Dr Taggert Bane", CEO of the Coping With Disbelief clinic.

He's the "lead", it's the type of character I see as "right up my alley", there's a lot of dialogue, and I thought the stuff was pretty well-written (About the only down-side was the "Internet-only" thing - meaning, if I get it, I'll make a fraction of what I'd make if it were on tv).

I was mildly put out that the casting office couldn't/wouldn't tell us which sides to look at beforehand - I spent yesterday looking at those ten or 11 pages that were online, when the actual audition involved about a page worth of dialogue - but getting past that, it was a fun audition; unlike many of these things, where even if I do well, I wrestle with "second thoughts" afterward, I pretty much feel like I did what I wanted to do.

And I left feeling that, while it's not a "lock" (As I've said before, I never have that feeling anymore), I have as good a chance of booking it as anyone I saw there.

I'm wanting to tell you more about what the spots are like, but 1) I'm running out of time, because I'm subbing for Debbie S. for a WW meeting in West LA and it's almost time to leave, and 2) I probably shouldn't, because of legalities (The FiberOne people probably wouldn't like it if I was blowing their big Internet campaign before it debuted).

Besides, if I do book it, I'll actually be able to tell you where to go to see it, and I wouldn't want to spoil it.

Cause things are better when they're fresh.

Gotta run...!


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