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8:59 am - Thurs 7/13/06
The Gilmore Girls And Me

The Gilmore Girls and Me

Well, I wish I'd found time to mention this sooner, but yesterday I had an audition for Gilmore Girls!

Pretty cool, huh?

I got a voice mail from JS while I was at work Tuesday night, saying Jami Rudofsky--one of the casting people for the show--had called at 7:30, and wanted me to come in for "Customer #2" (Who starts to walk out of Luke's diner without paying his bill. A cute little "scene", comprised of three lines with "Luke").

So when I got home that night, I found the sides on Showfax, got directions off Mapquest (Or tried to anyway), decided what to wear--tan pants and a black polo shirt--then tried to make a somewhat early night of it.

My appointment was 11:45 yesterday morning. I gave myself all kinds of time to get there ("there" being the Warner Bros lot in Burbank)--which is something I like to do whenever possible--and ended up checking in at 11:05.

They called me in about twenty minutes later (You have an "appointment time", but usually, you just put your name on a list, and they go down the list).

I went into a very small room, where Jami--who's very pretty, btw--and Mara (I think she said her name was) were waiting.

They were both very friendly. They said hello and asked if I had any questions.

And when I did have a question--On the sides I had, the script was blocked out right before my little scene began, and I wanted to know, right before my first line, why (according to the script directions) "the remaining people in the diner exit very quickly".

They thought that was a good question, and Mara went to get a script that wasn't blocked-out, so they could be sure they were telling me the right thing (Joking about how they hadn't bothered to read the script themselves).

So when we figured out why people were leaving the diner--something interesting was going on outside--I did my first reading (I thought they'd be taping people, but they weren't; from my workshop experience, I understand that varies from office to office).

When I finished, they told me to do it faster (I think their exact words were "about a thousand times faster").

So I started again, immediately got hung up, and stopped myself.

Then I did it one more time, and waited for a moment to see if they wanted me to do it again (They had said something like "we can do it a number of times" when we started).

They both agreed that they liked the last reading--liking that it was "real"--and thanked me for coming in.

I thanked them for having me come in, and that was pretty much that.

When I left, I was particularly happy with that comment about having given a "real" reading, because I had practically pressed my ear to the door when the "Customer #2" before me had gone in, and had heard them tell him to be way less broad; I was glad my instinct to "underplay" the scene was sound (Even if my first read was too slow).

All in all, a fun experience.

I'm presuming, at this writing, that I didn't get it (TV moves pretty fast, so I think I would have heard by now). And I was a little disappointed when I didn't get a call from JS yesterday telling me I'd booked it, but that said, it's still a "win" of sorts; that casting person saw me at ACG months ago, held onto my picture, and called me in, which once again, suggests that the workshops work.

And like with Ivy Isenberg at Paul Weber Casting, I feel I did well enough that even if this one doesn't happen, there's every possibility that Jami R. will call me in for something else at some point.

And it just felt good being on the WB lot. Not as good as it would feel being on the lot to shoot something, but pretty good nevertheless.

And speaking of "the business", I've gotta go to my mail dropoff, and make a breakdown submission.

See ya later...

P.S. (11:10 a.m.) Well, under the heading of "It Ain't Over Till It's Over", I am going to the "producers session" tomorrow afternoon at 1:15(I just got the call from JS a short time ago). ("Going to producers" is basically a "callback" for television. So I am very much "still in the game" here. To which I say "Woo-hoo!".)

Things vary so much from place to place, that it's really pointless trying to predict how things will happen, or when. At some point, I'm going to realize that

(For example, some places tape everything, while at others they only tape producer sessions; some places basically have casting directors casting the co-star parts, while at some places--like this place, apparently--everything goes to producers for final approval. And while things do move fast in tv, some places move faster than others.)

Anyway, the ball is still in play.

Wish me luck...


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