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11:18 pm - Thursday, Dec. 01, 2005
Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Sun 11/27/05 (9:49 a.m.)

Just got off the phone with Cary a short time ago...

He’s helping me update my resume (Correction: He’s updating my resume), and I have to say–It’s pretty cool to look at my “credits” and see a network tv show listed. And it’s fun to imagine “co-star” roles becoming “guest-star” roles, and someday–who knows?-- maybe even “starring” roles.

(But now back to the real world...)

It almost seems too late to talk about Thanksgiving, but I did something a little different this year that bears mentioning.

The owner of The Laugh Factory–(Jamie Masada)-offers free Thanksgiving dinner to performers and other lowlifes who don’t have family in the area. And since I found myself at loose ends this year (I passed up one invite when I thought I’d have to work, and Cary and Kay had plans with friends), I decided to give it a go.

I called and made a reservation on Wednesday afternoon–It’s a pretty big event, and they had 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00 “shows” to choose from–then on Thursday afternoon, I drove to the ArcLight, parked, and walked down to The Laugh Factory.

I got there about 45 minutes early–for the 3:00 “show–and waited in a line of maybe a couple hundred people (I noticed, as I have many times before, that you never see a lot of attractive people at things like this).

In line, I spent most of my time talking with a middle-aged guy in front of me, who started the conversation by asking if I was an actor–because I “looked familiar”--and noted my resemblance to John Lithgow (Which, personally, I don’t see. But it’s not the first time I’ve heard that in recent years, so there must be something to it).

He’d just finished writing a book (Can’t remember the title right now), a memoir about his growing up in an Iraqi-American-Jewish family (And if that wasn’t enough material for one memoir, I think there was a gay sub-text there as well; In any case, I remember something about “sexuality” in the subtitle).

Anyway, once the line started moving, it moved pretty quickly–We were ushered in, and workers served us turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes, etc. and so forth–and we were directed to wherever there were seats (I ended up seated, along with my new Iraqi-American-Jewish-Gay friend, by a railing in the balcony).

I’ve put the word “show” in parenthesis because calling a free holiday handout a “show” seems a little goofy. But it turned out there actually was a little show–While we ate (And the food was fine, by the way–no complaints there), they had an M.C. and three comics performing little mini-“sets”.

(If I’d been in charge of the show, I would have put the three comics in reverse-order of how they actually appeared; as things stood, each succeeding comic was less funny than the guy before him, and that’s not how things are supposed to go. But anyway...)

In about an hour, I was back out on the street again, trying to gauge how I felt about the whole thing.

Honestly? The experience made me feel just a tad pathetic, and I probably won’t do it again.

But that’s not to say that I’m not glad I did it this time–I’m a single, middle-aged guy with no family, and holidays continue to pose something of a....challenge.

So I give myself “props” for not just wallowing in self-pity. It didn’t really quite “work” for me–I wasn’t miserable, mind you. I just thought “I’d probably have been happier just taking myself out to dinner somewhere...”–but I tried it.

Three cheers for “trying”.

Mon 11/28/05 (9:32 a.m.)

I have a callback at 11:00, for Quaker “Breakfast Cookies” (Hey, I know it's a stupid product, but give me a break, willya?--I don’t create the products, I just shill for them).

This is from an audition at the first of the month, the same day I had the Kellog “Go Tarts” audition (Which I had a callback for the following week, was put “on avail” for the next day, then was eventually “released” from said avail, all in the time it’s taken Quaker to do a callback).

No big “acting thing”, this spot. But of course, I want to book it nevertheless, cause the name of the game here is “Making enough money to not have to work a regular job”.


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