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10:17 AM - 12.05.20

From Your Mouth To The God I Don't Believe In's Ears

Well, here we are.

It looks like LA is going to be under another "Stay-At-Home" order as of tomorrow (Regional orders go into effect, apparently, when that region's hospitals have less than 15% of their beds available. And as of yesterday, LA was at something like 13.5%).

In practical terms, I'm not sure it means much - order me to stay-at-home and not do shit and I'm probably not going to fight you all that hard - but there's something about it that's depressing me.

Maybe it's just that it's been the better part of a year...and here we are, back where we started (Should I start hoarding toilet paper? Get a fake ID that says I'm old enough for "Senior Shopping Hours"?).

My main concern, in personal terms, is Shameless - In a world where we're "hunkering down" again, is that going to affect production?

(I'm in episodes eight and nine for sure, then there are three episodes to the end - Three episodes I'm hoping I will also be in.)

Haven't heard anything to that effect yet. But it doesn't seem like an unreasonable concern.


Speaking of Shameless, it starts airing on Showtime this Sunday.

It'll be fun to have people see that first episode (Though I think the majority of fans watch on Netflix) because it's kind of a big episode for Kermit.

And since I'm MIA in - at least - three episodes, it'll be interesting to see what happens when Kermit isn't around.

I am genuinely curious how the show is going to wrap-up, above-and-beyond my hope that Kermit makes it till the end (For both practical and emotional reasons). There are just too many moving parts and too big a fanbase to make everyone happy, but it'll be interesting to see them try.

One concern I have - among many - with the show coming to an end is "How will this affect my Cameo business?".

I'm not making money hand-over-fist with Cameos...but I have made money - more than I would have expected - and it would be nice of that continued as long as possible.

It seems like I should have some Kermit "juice" through next year (Particularly if Netflix starts running the final season in the fall). Then hopefully, I'm on to my next series and people are wanting Cameos from me based off that ("From your mouth to the God-I-Don't-Believe-In's ears...!", as Jane and I often joke).

(I think it's fun that I'm proposing a world where there's a "next series" - and that would be a series where I have a bigger role and get paid accordingly - but still plan on Cameos being part of my econoic plans. But anyway...)

As I've said often, "It's not like I'm gonna walk off the set when I shoot my last episode of Shameless and immediately become a homeless person".

But I know me.

And a Worrier is gonna worry.

But for now, life is good - for example, I have health insurance, which means I can go get an ultrasound at 2:30 to check on that blood clot in my right leg - so I think I'm gonna wrap this up for now and get on with my action-packed life.

Till next time...



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