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1:09 am - Weds 8.04.2010
Going Electric

Going Electric

I am feeling cranky.

It's probably because I had a commercial audition yesterday which didn't go very well.

Afterward, I was frustrated with the circumstances of the audition - which, as is often the case with commercial auditions, didn't seem terribly "actor friendly" - and frustrated with myself, for not doing well in spite of the aforementioned "actor-unfriendly circumstances".

But there's no point in being mad at how commercial auditions are run, because they aren't going to change for my benefit, and there's no point in being mad at myself either (As I've said more than once, if it really helped to "beat myself up over things", it would have kicked in a long time ago, and I'd be "King Of The World" at this point).

But be that as it may, I really do need to figure out why I seem to have "a hitch in my swing" - I've had four auditions in the past couple weeks, and have blown two of them.

And that is not acceptable.


I've been enjoying my new electric guitar.

I'm pleased I'm actually getting it out and playing - And am just happy I'm doing something other than watching tv or playing on the Internet - but I do feel, a little bit, that I've already started to "lose my way".

What do I mean by that?

Well, I already know how to play a little guitar - I know a number of chords, some fingerpicking patterns, and the pentatonic scale - and it's very easy, when I get out the guitar, to just noodle around with the stuff I already know how to do.

For the past number of days, I've been playing that "'Oldies' Progression" I've already mentioned (In Guitar for Dummies) - In the key of "G" it's G, Em, C, and D, while in the key of "C", it's C, Am, F, and G.

It's fun, and pretty worthwhile (Since once you learn that progression, you can play a number of 50s-era pop songs), but it kind of falls under "Stuff I Already Know", and I want/need to venture a little further out, into the land of "Stuff I Don't Already Know".

I don't want to make this a chore, but by the same token, the point is to learn how to actually play the guitar. To get better at it.

That's the goal.

This probably sounds kind of elementary to those of you who've taught yourself various and sundry skills, but I've not been good at methodically going through something till I master it - I've been more the "work at it till you get to a point that frustrates you, then give up" type - so it's important that I "find the balance" of pushing myself forward, while continuing to have fun.

Which, when I think about it, applies to my life in general...


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