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12:43 pm - Thurs 2.17.2011
I'm A Good Guy...Really.

I'm A Good Guy...Really.

Felt like a "good omen" last year when I booked a job on my third audition (And indeed, 2010 ended up being a record-breaking year).

So, got word from Sharon yesterday that I booked Jon Benjamin Has A Van (As "Desert Priest").

"Jon Benjamin" was my fifth audition this year (So not quite as "fast out of the gate" as last year, but still - Not too shabby).

Haven't gotten a call time yet, but it shoots tomorrow (I think in West Hollywood).

In relative terms, it pays next-to-nothing, but it's a nice little part, and I like the idea of being at least a small presence on Comedy Central.

(And it's a booking, and a credit, and more experience, etc and so forth...)

Sadly, being who I am, I went almost instantly from excitement over getting the booking, to disappointment at how little money was involved, and stress (which I'll get to momentarily).

The "stress" comes from having to find someone to "fill" for me at WW (I have a Friday morning meeting - I'm the second receptionist - and it's been busy enough to definitely warrant two receptionists).

It's something I guess every journeyman actor wrestles with out here - balancing career with day-job responsibilities - but it still makes me feel really stressed when I have a conflict between the two.

I've called, at this point, at least a dozen receptionists, and haven't managed to seal the deal

(But wait! I just got a call, and Tara E., a freshly-trained receptionist, agreed to "fill" for me! Woo-hoo!!)

I've thought a lot about why this particular circumstance is so stressful for me.

While part of it is just plain old fear - I don't want to start being seen as undependable, and get bounced from the job before I'm able to leave on my own terms - but I think the deeper issue is that I want everyone to like me, and don't want anyone to be angry at me (I also like the people I work with at WW, and that being the case, don't want to leave them in the lurch).

It's important to me, in both practical and emotional terms, that people see me as a "Good Guy", and I get really uncomfortable and unhappy when put in a position where I'll have to let someone down.

Anyway, the "takeaway" from all this is that I booked a job - so "Yay!" me - and everything is working out.

But I really do with I could just book jobs, go do them, and not have to worry about this shit.


My Mr Sunshine episode aired last night.

I don't know what it was - the angle, the lighting, whatever - but I actually thought I looked more attractive than I typically do on tv (Maybe because I was playing a "happy" character for once?).

And, after watching it a dozen times or so, I think it actually is a good little "bit" (And I liked Matthew Perry's exasperated "take" after I'm gone).

Starting to get excited about re-doing my reel, since I've now got three more appearances with name actors (Amy Poehler, Emmy Rossum, and Matthew Perry), to add to the ones with Nathan Fillion and John Cleese.

Well, I'm feeling a nap coming on, but I wanted to end on one more positive note...

There's a character actress who comes to one of my WW meetings, who recently booked a major role on one of my favorite shows.

We chatted a little bit - because last time she was in, I'd just read an interview with her that was an overview of her career, and realized I'd seen a number of things she's done over the years - and our conversation left me feeling pretty hopeful.

She's 60, and is now getting probably the biggest/best showcase of her already-impressive career.

Makes me feel like there's still time for Yours Truly...


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