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10:51 am - Sun 10/10/04
Good Omen/Bad Omen

Good Omen/Bad Omen

Two things happened yesterday that strongely suggest the time for my Borders exit may be fast approaching...

Thing 1) My online friend Anita, who I haven't heard from for awhile, emailed me.

(But wait! There's more...)

Her notary public business, which she started with a friend a year or so ago, is apparently going well, well enough that she suggested I might want to sign on, since they need people working the L.A. area.

I don't know shit about the "notary public" biz--You watch people sign documents, then stamp them, right?--but I'm pretty sure I could handle it (You have to take some sort of certification--I checked this out when Anita first mentioned she was starting the business--but that could be accompished easily enough. They offer an 8 hour course, over two Saturday mornings, at the City College).

I haven't emailed her back yet, but I plan to today, to ask her to give me a better picture of what the job would entail, what kind of money we'd be talking about, etc. (It would pay by the gig, I imagine).

(Is this "my way out"? As that Shakespeare fella might say, "Tis a thing devoutly to be wished...")

Thing 2) At work yesterday, around 5:00, I went back into the break room, and who should be sitting at the table, filling out "new hire" paperwork, but--Cue "scary movie" music--Mandy P.

Mandy, if you remember, is the young woman--28 or 29 now--who worked at the store a little while back, who I "took a shine to" (And who, when I tried to angle for a little more than "friendship", basically responded like I'd shot her dog).

While I've been pretty unhappy about all the people I like who are leaving the store, the last thing I expected was an influx of people I actively dislike. And it seems like a lot for the Universe to ask of me at this point.

So I want out (Out of Borders, that is. Not the Universe.)


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