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9:14 am - Thus 8/25/11
A Dose Of Concentrated Goodness

A Dose Of Concentrated Goodness

I've had an audition every day so far this week.

(I have an audition for Community this afternoon.)

It's not the busiest month I've had so far this year...but pretty sure it's the busiest week.

(A nice "grace note"? Four auditions in a row, and no conflicts with Weight Watchers. That won't continue of course...which is all the more reason to take note, and appreciate my good fortune while it's happening.)

In the first couple weeks of this month, I felt anxious because nothing was happening - "It's 'the busy season', and I'm not busy!" - and now, in the span of just over a week, I've had three auditions, a callback, I'm on "wait and advise" for Austin & Ally (that means, "I'm on the short list" for booking the gig), and I'm auditioning for Community - in a role opposite John Goodman - later today.

The lesson?

Good things happen...but they don't happen on a schedule (Especially not when you're talking about auditions).

And there's an amazing amount of "concentrated goodness" here - the "wait and advise" (Did I mention this is another potential "recurring" role?), the possibility of working with John Goodman, and auditioning for two of the three best network comedies going, all in little more than a week's time - which is very exciting.

But there's a trap in all this excitement - You can call it "getting your hopes up", or "attaching to the outcome", or - as I often refer to it - "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory".

There's any number of ways these things could go - I could book all of them, none of them, some of them, or any one of them - which means there's any number of ways I could turn something to be happy about into a source of frustration, disappointment, and upset.

I put up a Facebook status about this a little earlier, saying that expecting something good to come of these auditions - either now, or somewhere down the road - is "reasonable", but expecting any particular thing to happen is a recipe for disappointment.


12:35 pm

Got a call from Sharon a few hours ago with two bits of good news - I'm still in contention for American Horror Story, which I auditioned for on Monday (I'd assumed it hadn't gone my way, but the casting people told Sharon the producers just take a long time to make these decisions), and I'm going back to Shameless next month!

I'd certainly hoped I'd go back to Shameless - and was encouraged when told by one of my fellow actors that he'd recurred six times the previous season - but once again, I didn't want to turn a "win" into a "loss" by having expectations; as I told anyone who would listen afterward, "Best if I just assume I had two episodes on the show, it was fun, and now it's over".

(I don't have a "shoot date" yet, but I need to make myself available from the 8th through the 16th.)

After I got the news, and capered around my apartment for a bit, I thought to myself, "Well Jim, hopefully you can now put to bed any worries you had about how you were doing in the role, and just have fun".

Well, I really want to write more, but I'm pretty tired, and I have an audition to think about in a few hours, so I'm going to try and catch a nap.

But I really do want to write more about "Detachment" - Ironically, it's an idea that just won't let go of me.


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