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2:35 pm - Sun 11/6/05
A Man's Gotta Do

A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do

Sat 11/5/05 (12:56 p.m.)

Well, turns out I was a little harsh in my assessment of my first Signing Agent job...

When I talked to Ken, the Signing Agency Guy, on Thursday morning, and told him how things had gone, I asked if he wanted me to send the title company (Old Republic) what I had (I wasn’t sure if he’d say no, because the mistakes would reflect badly on his agency, or yes, because, mistakes notwithstanding, the title company having an almost-complete set of documents would be better than having nothing).

He said no, that he would “take things from here”. That led me to believe, I think understandably, that he was pretty unhappy with my work (And that since I wasn’t going to be sending Old Republic the documents, I wouldn’t be getting paid).

I put the documents, which were in a manilla envelope, in the trash, and assumed that was that.

But on my way home from the ArcLight interview, I got a call from Lois M. at Old Republic Title, asking if I still had the documents.

I told her I thought I could retrieve them, that I was a short distance from my apartment, and that I’d call her back within the hour. Then I went home, fished them out of the trash–they were fine--and called her back.

She gave me her address and their Fed-Ex account number, and I went to a place a couple blocks away and mailed out the package. Then when I got back to the apartment, I emailed Ken at the signing agency, to let him know I’d sent the documents, at her request.

At that point, I still didn’t know how things were gonna shake out.

The next day, I got an email back from Ken, saying to make sure to call Republic back and give Lois the Fed-Ex tracking number for the package. So I called, and Lois, who was very nice, said the tracking number wasn’t necessary, because she’d already gotten the package.

She said what I’d done really wasn’t that bad–I had missed three signatures, and there was a form–something about insurance information–that I was supposed to have had them fill out. But she said she could mail them those three pages, and that was better than having to redo the entire package (And the client said her insurance agent had the info we’d missed on the one form).

She told me everything else I’d done was fine (She didn’t mention the black ink, and said the paper size wasn’t really a big problem). And it may sound like “damning with faint praise” to have someone say, “What you actually did you did right”, but I’d felt so terrible after the job that I was very gratified to hear it.

She also said the client was almost protective of me, saying “Oh no, he couldn’t have missed anything. He went through every page very carefully...”. So even if I didn’t do a perfect job, I managed to convince the client I was a professional.

So anyway, I feel a whole lot better about the Signing Agent stuff than when I last wrote. The title company accepted the package, so while I may not get paid the full $125–I did make some mistakes, after all-- I’ll get paid something for my efforts. And nobody was too put-out by my mistakes, which was important to me.

All-in-all, I’d given myself an “F” on this first outing, but seems it was really more like a “C”.

Maybe even a “C-plus”.

And I’m up for trying to improve my “grade point average” on the next one.

I just have to remember, on that “next one”, to take a deep breath...


On Friday, I told Tim G. at Borders about my new job at the ArcLight (Tim, in addition to being a friend, was the manager in charge that day; David, the GM, is away on vacation till the 11th, though he’s been in the store twice during his time off, which I find kinda sad).

I told Tim I’d like to continue to work part time at the store for awhile, and he said to write up my available hours, and stick it in his mailbox (I think he’ll be doing the schedule the week I start I at the ArcLight; after that, I’ll be back at David’s mercy).

Basically, I don’t know how things are going to play out–If David really doesn’t like me, he could use this as the excuse to push me out entirely--but seems to me, with the holidays coming, you’d want somebody with my wealth of experience there at least through Xmas (With the availability I gave them, they could work me as much as 25 hours a week).

Other than the idea of dying from exhaustion, my big resistance to working the two jobs was that I’d have to give up commercial auditions, which seemed like a big step backwards.

Then it struck me–I was still seeing things as if Borders was all that stood between me and homelessness, but that’s no longer the case: I can still keep auditioning for things, and if/when I get a fatal number of “occurrences”, then that’ll be that.

I’d like my situation to be such that I never have to call in late, or call out, cause I know it sucks for the other people working who have to then “take up the slack”. But the fact is, I’ve taken up a lot of “slack” myself over the past four-and-a-half years at Borders, and God knows, in this situation at least, no one is looking out for me but me.

Certainly not the General-Fucking-Manager at Borders.

And “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do”, and all that macho crap


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