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1:52 am - Thurs 11/10/05
I Am Not Kelsey-Fucking-Grammer

I Am NOT Kelsey-Fucking-Grammer

Weds 11/09/05 (11:03 p.m.)

This has officially been “A Good Day”...

First, at 10:30 this morning, I had a callback for Kellogs “Go Tarts” (Where I played part of a space shuttle launch team).

I’d had fun with the initial audition, but wasn’t as comfortable with the callback (At the first audition, they had me stationed behind a keyboard, and I enjoyed having “a real thing to do” while pretending to be “Space Shuttle Launch Guy”. But at the callback, I felt more awkward, because all I had was a blank screen to look at).

But comfortable or not, I guess things went all right, because I got the call this afternoon--I’m “on avail” (By now, we all know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything–Sometimes you book things you’re put “on avail” for and sometimes you don’t–but any time you’re getting callbacks and “avails”, you at least know you’re doing something right).

(Anyway, if I book it, it’ll shoot next week, sometime between Wednesday and Friday.)

This afternoon, I had an audition for Desani water, and I would love to get this one.

It’s part of this weird campaign–created by Wes Anderson, apparently--where they have an actor in an animal costume going on about the virtues of Desani (Like the one where a guy in a bear costume talks about how he prefers Desani to spring water, because after all, fish spawn in spring water, and that’s pretty gross). Weird, funny spots.

Anyway, I was auditioning to be a camel. And the idea of playing a camel in my first big “national” cracks me up (Besides which, it’s a one-person--or one-camel--spot, meaning I’d be “the star of the show”. And that always turns me on).

When I got there, and they called us in for an explanation, I was initially very disappointed when they did that “do it like so-and-so” thing I hate (The “so-and-so” in this case being Kelsey Grammer).

I know that’s just a lazy shorthand for the “attitude” they’re looking for, but all I can think of when they say something like that is, “I’m not Kelsey-Fucking-Grammer” (I was also annoyed because, unlike most commercial auditions I do, this one had “sides” that were available off of LA Casting–There was time to actually memorize the lines and prepare something. So since they had a very specific idea of what they wanted, it would have been nice if someone had shared it with me, since what I’d worked up was about 180-degrees from K.F.G.).

But I went back out in the lobby, and worked on the lines the way they wanted me to do them. And I tried not to channel K.F.G specifically., but to just think about being snobbish and superior, and when I went in, I felt like I did a pretty good job.

After a rehearsal, the casting guy had me do one take that way.

Then he said, “You know, I could see you doing a more ‘blue collar thing’ too. Let’s give that a try, and give them something else to look at”.

That was fun, because that had been my original idea of how to do the spot when I got the sides off LA Casting (The other nice thing was that, for maybe the first time, I wasn’t thrown by having the lines on a big cue card in front of me, when I already had them memorized).

Anyway, I felt like it went well, and felt I’d been given about as good a chance to “shine” as was possible.

And it was just fun. I had fun “in the room”, and interestingly enough, “having fun in the room” made me feel more like a “professional” than I usually do.

But I’ve saved the most exciting thing for last...

While I was at the Desani audition, I got a voicemail from JS: I have an audition tomorrow for House (To play the small, co-star role of “Surgeon”. I think I literally may have one line, though it’s a good one).

It’s at the Fox studio, on Pico, at 11:00 a.m.

This is not the first tv show I’ve auditioned for (The first one–and the only one, up till now–was Strong Medicine, a couple years back), but it is the first one I’ve gotten as a result of the casting workshops I’ve been doing this year. And as I told Jane in an email earlier, “Whatever my financial circumstances, I obviously have to keep doing these things!”–I’ve been jealous that other people have gotten calls while I’ve gotten nothing so far, so I’m tickled pink that my time has finally come.

And here’s a nice “capper”: I called the ArcLight earlier, to get a schedule for my upcoming training, and also to ask how I should handle the possibility of booking something that might shoot next week, during the aforementioned training.

I’d actually found myself thinking “Of course–Right as I’m about to start a new job, I’ll book gigs up the wazoo...”. Like it would be a terrible hardship to actually book a commercial or tv show right now.

But all they said was “If you have to skip a day of training, you can just pick up where you left off the following week”; training takes a week, they’re doing a lot of it right now, apparently, and they seem to have their system down pat.

So these people don’t even know me yet, and they’re willing to be flexible about my acting stuff (Makes me wish I’d applied at the ArcLight a year ago...).

Well, there’s more to write about–My future (Or lack of one) at Borders, my happiness at helping to defeat Schwartzenegger’s proposals on Tuesday, etc–but it's nothing that won’t keep...


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